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Supported Decision-Making: Defending Liberty

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Supported decision-making is a legal concept that promotes self-determination and serves as an alternative to guardianship and conservatorship.

Age/Disability Rights, Guardianship/Capacity

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By Kathleen D. Hayes, Esq.

Kathleen Hayes is founder of The Law Office of Kathleen D. Hayes in Connecticut.

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NAELA Announces New CEO


The NAELA Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Alexander T. Graham as NAELA’s new Chief Executive Officer, effective on July 1, 2024.

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Judith M. Flynn joins NAELA Fellows.

May Is National Elder Law Month


Join us in using National Elder Law Month as an opportunity to educate and empower older adults about their legal rights and protections.


Must Sole Benefit Trusts Contain Payback Provisions?

Webinar - June 5, 2024, 1:00 p.m.

A sole benefit trust (SBT) is a powerful but misunderstood tool in the Medicaid planning toolbox. Join us to learn more.  

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Supported Decision-Making: Defending Liberty

Webinar - September 24, 2024, 12 noon ET

Too often, petitions for involuntary guardianship and conservatorship are granted without adequate scrutiny, based on the presumption that individuals with disabilities lack legal capacity to make decisions. Join us to learn more.

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 Webinar Upcoming Events

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