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Retirement Account Withdrawal Rules Loosened for Hurricane Irma Victims

9/18/2017 |  Story

With millions of Floridians still without power after Hurricane Irma, the Internal Revenue Service has announced it’s making it easier to tap retirement account money for needs related to Irma’s fury.
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Why the Wealthy Should Not Care About Estate Taxes

9/15/2017 |  Story

Death and taxes – it is so cliché. For as long as the estate tax has existed there has been debate and panic around the issue.
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Medicare for All or State Control: Health Care Plans Go to Extremes

9/14/2017 |  Story

In one Senate office building, some of the leading lights of the Democratic Party gathered Wednesday to embrace what was once a proposal only of the far left: a huge expansion of Medicare, large enough to open the popular, government-run health program to all Americans.
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How to Protect Elderly Loved Ones From Financial Scams

9/13/2017 |  Story

Losses from elder fraud cases cost more than $36 billion each year.
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Artificial Intelligence Could Predict Alzheimer’s Years Before Doctors

9/12/2017 |  Story

The new technology could be used to help patients before the disease causes debilitating symptoms.
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My Physician Isn’t in My Medicare Advantage Network. What Can I Do?

9/11/2017 |  Story

Journalist Philip Moeller is here to provide the answers you need on aging and retirement. His weekly column, “Ask Phil,” aims to help older Americans and their families by answering their health care and financial questions.
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Now Accepting 2018 Powley Award Nominations
9/14/2017  Announcement
The Powley Elder Law Award is presented annually to a NAELA member who is recognized in his or her community as a leader in promoting a greater understanding of the rights and needs of elders and persons with special needs and of how Elder Law attorn
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NAELA Comments on Maine Medicaid Waiver Application with Annuity Limits
9/14/2017  Story
The State of Maine submitted its application to CMS to request a new 1115 Waiver for its Medicaid program (MaineCare).
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Now Accepting 2018 Theresa Award Nominations
9/14/2017  Announcement
The Theresa Award is an annual community service award presented by the Theresa Alessandra Russo Foundation to a NAELA member in recognition of his or her advocacy and support of individuals with special needs.
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NAELA Raises Concerns Regarding Medicaid Waivers Seeking to Restrict Access to Long-Term Care
9/14/2017  Press Release
NAELA recently submitted comments on Maine’s proposed waiver, which includes an unprecedented move to add new restrictions to the transfer of asset rules in Section 1917 of the Social Security Act.
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Now Accepting 2018 Cohn Scholarship Applications
9/14/2017  Announcement
The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Foundation proudly announces the availability of the Cohn Sisters’ Scholarships for Patient Advocacy for attendance at the 2018 NAELA Annual Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana (May 17-19).
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