NAELA members, working together and learning from one another, have broad experience with legal issues affecting people as they age and people with disabilities.


NAELA sponsors continuing education programs for attorneys and provides publications and educational materials to members.


NAELA leads and advocates on public policy issues facing members’ clients and their families.


Art Studio Helps Adults With Disabilities Turn Their Passion into a Career

7/27/2017 |  Story

Art Enables is a lot like any other arts studio — it has big windows and a paint-splattered sink, it's quiet enough to hear a paintbrush clink the sides of a water glass, and, of course, it's full of art.
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PET Scans Show Many Alzheimer’s Patients May Not Actually Have the Disease

7/26/2017 |  Story

A significant portion of people with mild cognitive impairment or dementia who are taking medication for Alzheimer’s may not actually have the disease, according to interim results of a major study underway to see how PET scans could change the nature of Alzheimer’s diagnosis and treatment.
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Social Security Administration Warns About Scam Callers Trying to Steal Your Checks

7/25/2017 |  Story

The Social Security Administration is warning that schemers are impersonating government agents and stealing people's benefits.
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Charities Push GOP for Tax Reform Change

7/24/2017 |  Story

The nonprofit sector is pressuring lawmakers and the White House to protect the charitable tax deduction.
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More Non-Doctors Providing U.S. Nursing Home Health Care

7/21/2017 |  Story

As the U.S. health care system grows to accommodate more aging patients, nursing home care is increasingly being delivered by specialized nurses and physician assistants, according to a recent study.
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NAELA Celebrates Americans with Disabilities Act Anniversary
7/26/2017  Press Release
Congress enacted the ADA “to provide a clear and comprehensive national mandate for the elimination of discrimination against individuals with disabilities.”
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NAELA President’s Statement on Senate Health Care Reform Legislation
6/23/2017  Press Release
NAELA President Hy Darling, CELA, CAP, released the following statement on the Better Care Reconciliation Act, the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act, today.
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NAELA Celebrates World Elder Abuse Awareness Day
6/14/2017  Press Release
The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) celebrates World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, 2017.
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June 2017 Advocacy Update
6/1/2017  Newsletter
Amended American Health Care Act Passes House - The House of Representatives passed an amended version of the American Health Care Act on May 4, 2017.
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Daley and Nadeau Decisions
5/31/2017  Story
Massachusetts' highest court ruled Monday that the home property and the remainder interest held in Medicaid applicants' irrevocable income-only trusts were not available assets even though the applicants retained the right to use the houses during t
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New NAELA Video Series


This video series is designed for people with Multiple Sclerosis and their families and showcases how elder law and special needs planning attorneys can help. Members can use these videos on their websites and at presentations.

See all five videos.

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Assuring Quality of Care with Long-Term Care Insurance

This session includes an in-depth analysis and explanation of Medicaid-qualifying annuities, and the mystifying tax rules of annuities. Presented by: Robert C. Anderson, CELA, CAP