NAELA members, working together and learning from one another, have broad experience with legal issues affecting people as they age and people with disabilities.


NAELA sponsors continuing education programs for attorneys and provides publications and educational materials to members.


NAELA leads and advocates on public policy issues facing members’ clients and their families.


Texas Passes A New Law To Punish Elder Financial Abuse

5/17/22 |  Story

The Texas Legislature recently enacted a new law that criminalizes the financial abuse of the elderly.
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Interactive Tool Illustrates Medicare Spending Data and Trends

5/9/22 |  Story

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) developed a useful interactive display that shows the current state of Medicare spending nationally and trends for the future.
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A Reduction in Medicare Part B Premiums Remains in Play. Here’s Where Things Stand

5/2/22 |  Story

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services continues to evaluate the Part B premium, given changes that have occurred since the monthly amount was set last year.
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Social Security Administration Issues Fact Sheet Update to Include SNAP, Medicare & Prescription Drug Savings

4/28/22 |  Story

The Social Security Administration recently issued a new supplemental fact sheet that provides information for those who may need additional benefits either before or during retirement.
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Medicare and Prescription Drug Costs

4/21/22 |  Story

A Boston College Center for Retirement Research report looks at the financial implications for Medicare of Alzheimer's drug Aduhelm.
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Social Security Fact Sheet

4/18/22 |  Story

An average of 65 million Americans per month receive Social Security benefits.
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2022 NAELA Annual Conference Information

1/31/2022  Announcement
NAELA registration is available for the 2022 in-person Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ
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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Names C. Grace Whiting, J.D., as Incoming Executive Director

1/3/2022  Press Release
Leading national association of elder law and special needs law attorneys anticipates expanded need for legal services as America ages
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International Travel Experience for NAELA Members

11/11/2021  Announcement
NAELA is excited to announce its newest member trip: "Law And Culture: Portugal."
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NAELA Pays Tribute on Veterans Day 2021

11/10/2021  Press Release
Association of Attorneys Serving Older Americans and People with Disabilities Observes National Holiday Recognizing Veterans for Their Service
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NAELA Celebrates National Estate Planning Week 2021

10/20/2021  Press Release
More than half of Americans, an estimated 56 percent, do not have an estate plan in place, making estate planning a critically overlooked component of financial wellness. This creates hardship, financial or otherwise, that can be diminished by advanc
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