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7 Ways to Judge a Retirement Community’s Financial Health

3/19/2018|  Story

Though industry members point out that financial meltdowns in their world are rare, there have been cases in which retirement homes have had to raise their monthly fees or reduce services.
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Watchdog Reports Reveal Problems at the Strained, Underfunded Social Security Administration

3/15/2018|  Story

Reports of Social Security’s financial problems appear like clockwork, yet the agency’s enormous operational issues receive little attention.
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Disability Activists Urge FDA to Ban Shock Devices

3/14/2018|  Story

Dozens of people with disabilities have been camped out for days outside the home of the Food and Drug Administration commissioner to pressure the agency to ban electric shock devices used on those with special needs.
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New Law Broadens Chronic Care Through Medicare

3/13/2018|  Story

The CHRONIC Care Act expands access to telehealth and other benefits.
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New Trump Rules Will Drive People with Disabilities Off Medicaid and Out of Work

3/12/2018|  Story

In the end, work requirements will mean less health coverage under Medicaid, leading to worse health and less work for people with disabilities.
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NAELA Supports National Consumer Protection Week
3/3/2018  Press Release
NAELA supports National Consumer Protection Week, March 4-10, 2018.
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NAELA Supports Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
2/28/2018  Press Release
This March, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) supports Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.
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February 2018 Advocacy Update
2/26/2018  Newsletter
House Passes Radical Change to ADA Enforcement - The U.S. House of Representatives passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Education and Reform Act (H.R. 620) which undercuts current enforcement of the ADA.
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NAELA Warns House on Vote to Undermine Civil Rights of People with Disabilities
2/13/2018  Press Release
The House will vote Thursday on H.R. 620, a shameful roll-back of the right of people with disabilities to access public places.
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January 2018 Advocacy Update
1/26/2018  Newsletter
2017: What Happened? - Last year brought a range of threats from a proposed $1 trillion cut to Medicaid to elimination of the Medical Expense Deduction.
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eLearning Course: Understanding Diminished Capacity

This course explores the topic area of diminished capacity. It is intended to assist in accessing capacity when using the APA Handbook for Attorneys and the accompanying Capacity Worksheet for Lawyers. In addition to the associated reference-based resources, the interactive format includes video instruction and analysis from NAELA members Roberta Flowers and Edwin Boyer, as well as simulated consultation for review.