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NAELA News 2020 Issues

  • Oct/Nov/Dec 2020

    Together: NAELA Members Making a Difference in Their Communities
  • Jul/Aug/Sept 2020

    Featured Member: Meet NAELA's 33rd President - Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, Esq., CAP
  • Apr/May/Jun 2020

    It Looks Great on Paper, But Does It Work? Addiction and Trusts
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2020

    Featured Volunteers: Meet Three NAELA Members Who Are Giving Back to the NAELA Community

NAELA News 2019 Issues

  • Oct/Nov/Dec 2019

    Practice Success Section: Designating Trusts as Beneficiaries of Retirement Benefits
  • Jul/Aug/Sept 2019

    Practice Success Section: What Your Agent Doesn't Know CAN Hurt You! Training the Fiduciary
  • Apr/May/Jun 2019

    Understanding and Marketing the Five-Year Trust/Featured Member: Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2019

    Tax Opportunities in Taxing Times/Featured Member: Wesley E. Wright, CELA

NAELA News 2018 Issues

  • Oct/Nov/Dec 2018

    Winning Against a Stacked Deck/Featured Member: Julie M. Fiedler, CELA
  • Jul/Aug/Sept 2018

    Sustainable Home Care, Part 2/Featured Member: Michael J. Amoruso, Esq., CAP
  • Apr/May/Jun 2018

    Practice Development/Practice Management: How to Answer the Question, "How Much?"/Featured Member: Molly M. Wood, Esq.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2018

    Long-Term Care: Would a Hybrid Insurance Policy Work for Your Client?/Featured Member: H. Amos Goodall, Esq., CELA, Fellow

NAELA News 2017 Issues

  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2017

    Strengthen Your Profession and Your Professional Networks By Joining a NAELA Committee/Featured Member Jerold E. Rothkoff, Esq.

NAELA News 2016 Issues

  • Oct/Nov/Dec 2016

    Serving the Needs of LGBTQ Clients/Featured Member John Frazier, Esq.
  • Jul/Aug/Sept 2016

    Featured Member NAELA President Catherine Anne Seal, CELA, CAP/The Millennial Impact: Is Your Firm Ready for Generation Y?
  • Apr/May/Jun 2016

    Featured: CAPsules What Is a Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract? A few things Elder Law attorneys should know about this new investment option.
  • Jan/Feb/Mar 2016

    Supporting "Orphan" Elders/Featured Member Mary E. O'Byrne, Esq.

NAELA News 2015 Issues

  • July/August/September 2015

    Finding creative solutions through mediation could help avoid litigation/Featured Member: Shirley Whitenack, Esq., CAP

NAELA News 2014 Issues

  • December 2014/January 2015

    An inside look at MassNAELA’s successful legislative advocacy strategy/Featured Member: Susan Levin
  • October/November 2014

    Featured Member: Ben Neiburger, JD, CPA/Reaching the Baby Boomer Market 5 Simple Marketing Tips
  • June/July 2014

    Featured Member: Bradley Frigon, CELA, CAP/Future Planning for Families Supporting Adults with Lifelong Disabilities
  • April/May 2014

    Featured Member: Gregory Wilcox, CELA/Trust Protectors: The Underground Planning Technique
  • February/March 2014

    Featured Member: A. Frank Johns, CELA, CAP, Fellow/Comments on NAELA’s Ethical Advocacy in the Future

NAELA News 2013 Issues

  • December 2013/January 2014

    Featured Member: Judith Grimaldi, CELA, CAP/2014 Affordable Care Act, What It Means For Your Practice
  • August/September 2013

    Featured Member: The Answer for Complex Social Security Questions: Avram L. Sacks, Esq.
  • June/July 2013

    Featured Member: NAELA's Incoming President Howard S. Krooks, CELA, CAP
  • April/May 2013

    FEATURED MEMBER Stephen W. Dale, Esq. Helping Others Achieve Independence
  • February/March 2013

    NAELA Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary NAELA turns 25 in 2013. Let's take a look back at a few highlights and accomplishments.

NAELA News 2012 Issues

  • December 2012/January 2013

    A Study in Contradictions From paper route to marching band, from social work to Elder and Special Needs Law; Bridget's life is anything but boring.
  • October/November 2012

    Featured Member: Timothy P. Crawford, CELA, CAP/What Will Happen to Your Legal Practice if You Become Disabled?
  • August/September 2012

    Featured Members: NAELA Legislators Elaine J. Schwartz, Esq. and Marc Feinstein, Esq.

NAELA News 2011 Issues

  • October/November 2011

    Featured Member: Leonard Mondschein, CELA, CAP/Six Bright Ideas for Marketing Your Satellite Office
  • June/July 2011

    Featured Member: Edwin M. Boyer, Esq., CAP/Help Create NAELA's Future
  • February/March 2011

    Featured Member: Bailey Liipfert III, CELA/Transitioning to Independent Living Through a College Program

NAELA News 2010 Issues

  • August/September 2010

    Featured Member: R. Shawn Majette, Esq./Involuntary Civil Commitment and the Inescapable Wetness of Light
  • June/July 2010

    Featured Member: Ruth A. Phelps, CELA/10 Tips in Administering a Special Needs Trust
  • April/May 2010

    Featured Member: Mary Alice Jackson/Need-to-Know Tax Law Changes

NAELA News 2009 Issues

  • October/November 2009

    Featured Member: Shirley Berger Whitenack, Esq/Practical Tips: Prepare For and Deliver Effective Oral Argument
  • April/May 2009

    Featured Member: Rajiv Nagaich/Educating Your Clients About the Benefits of Estate Planning