Volume 31 Issue 2

Veteran's Pension Planning Under the New 2018 Regulations

By  Eric B. Barnes, CELA
This article is designed to help the practitioner understand how to implement these new regulations into specific planning processes, considerations, and strategies in the service of the client.

Practice Success Section: Understanding and Marketing the Five-Year Trust

By  Donna Jackson, LLM, and Leonard E. Mondschein, LLM, CELA, CAP
The ultimate purpose of this trust is for an individual(s) to qualify for Medicaid after five years from the creation and transfer of assets to the trust.

Technology: Not Dead Yet: Bitcoin

By  Andrew R. Boyer, Esq.
After skyrocketing in the last quarter of 2017, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (alt-coins) fell back to earth in 2018.

Featured Member: Kevin Urbatsch, Esq., Passionate Protector & Advocate for People with Disabilities

By  Michele P. Fuller, Esq.
Kevin Urbatsch is a tireless advocate for persons with disabilities and professionals who plan for them.

Special Needs Law Section: Depublishing Scott v. McDonald

By  Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.
If this case was allowed to be cited as precedent, it was going to devastate the future use of SNTs for people with disabilities.

Chapter Spotlight: Connecticut NAELA Chapter Celebrates Success in CTNAELA, et al. v. Bremby

By  David Craig Slepian, Esq.
Case results in the creation of a searchable database of Connecticut Medicaid Fair Hearing Decisions. NAELA Foundation support helped CTNAELA secure victory. Other NAELA Chapters can use CTNAELA’s success as a model for their own similar lawsuits.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Health Care Planning Section: Private Loans and Reverse Mortgages in Medica

By  Martin C. Womer, Esq.
Often seniors are given informal financial support by their family members. If the senior owns real estate, the better approach for a family member providing financial support would be to loan the senior money.

Litigation Committee: Making the Case for Change

By  Carol J. Wessels, Esq.
NAELA is committed to bringing “impact litigation” that can improve the lives of your clients. The NAELA Foundation and the NAELA Litigation Committee are ready to help.

President's Message: Connected for a Greater Purpose

By  Michael J. Amoruso, Esq., CAP, Fellow
A decade ago, I was given the awesome opportunity to join the NAELA Board of Directors around the same time NAELA hired its first Executive Director — Peter G. Wacht, CAE.

Advocacy/Public Policy: Advocates Urge ABLE Age Increase to Sustain System

By  David M. Goldfarb, Esq.
The ABLE Age Adjustment Act would raise the aging of onset of a disability to 46.

Apr/May/Jun 2019

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