Volume 32 Issue 2

It Looks Great on Paper, But Does It Work? Addiction and Trusts

By  Stuart D. Zimring, Esq., CAP, Fellow
Setting up a trust that's fair and manageable takes a holistic approach that combines your understanding of the law as well as a compassionate understanding of the motivations driving a client's needs.

Featured Member: A Voice for Those With No Voice: Stu Zimring, CAP, Fellow and NAELA President

By  Professor Roberta K. Flowers
On a cool autumn Saturday in 2008, I sat beside Stuart Zimring, CAP, Fellow, and NAELA Past President, (Stu to everyone who knows him) at Adat Ari El Synagogue in Valley Village, California.

Practice Development/Practice Management Section: Practice Success Audit: Information Management

By  Eric B. Barnes, CELA
How secure is your firm's data? Here's a practical checklist to help you make a security assessment.

Tax Section: What to Do: Estate and Special Needs Planning Under the SECURE Act

By  Mark W. Worthington, JD, LLM, CELA, CAP
The SECURE Act brings major changes to retirement tax policy and basic estate planning and drafting.

Practice Development/Practice Management Section: How the SECURE Act Can Open Doors to Your Legal Se

By  Eric J. Einhart, Esq.
Changes in the law will have an impact on retirement and estate planning strategies for many of our clients.

Medicaid and SSI: Help - My Long-Term Care Client Owns a Business

By  Louis W. Pierro, Esq.
This article explores planning strategies for clients facing the crossroads of business ownership and the need for long-term care.

President's Message: NAELA Leading the Way

By  Jennifer L. VanderVeen, CELA, CAP, Fellow
Last year, as the issue of NAELA News highlighting my presidency came out, a colleague sent me a message saying how great it was to see women in leadership positions serving as role models for younger attorneys.

Advocacy/Public Policy: Advocacy in the COVID-19 Era

By  David M. Goldfarb, Esq., CAE
Many of our priorities have become more urgent, while new issues have moved to the forefront.

Apr/May/Jun 2020

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