Volume 31 Issue 3

Case Note: Hegadorn v. Michigan Dept. of Human Services Director

By  Ron M. Landsman, Esq., CAP, Fellow
NAELA filed an amicus brief and argued in support of the appellants in Hegadorn v. Michigan Dept. of Human Services Director. Michigan Supreme Court approves the use of a trust for the sole benefit of a community spouse as a valid way to set aside as

Combating Elder Abuse

By  Julie E. Childs, JD, LLM Elder Law
The Elder Justice Initiative (EJI) has useful online resources available to elder law attorneys. EJI's mission is to support and help to coordinate the Department of Justice's enforcement and programmatic efforts to combat elder abuse, neglect, and f

Getting to Know Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

By  Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.
CFP Board is the professional body for financial planners that issues the Certified Financial PlannerTM and CFP® certification marks.

New POMS on Attorney Fees

By  Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.
(Sign-in required) Is every attorney who drafts a special needs trust required to obtain the Social Security Administration’s permission to be paid or risk going to jail?

What Your Agent Doesn't Know CAN Hurt You!

By  Jennifer L. VanderVeen, CELA, CAP, Fellow
Educating your client’s agents helps your client, his or her agent, and builds your practice. Here are some tips.

NAELA's 32nd President - Jennifer VanderVeen, CELA, CAP, Fellow

By  Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, CAP, and David Godfrey, Fellow
Jen brings passion, integrity, and enthusiasm to everything she does.

2019 NAELA Annual Conference Roundup

By  Letha McDowell, CELA, and Wesley E. Wright, CELA
Full of old-west-themed entertainment, shopping, and museums, Fort Worth was the perfect city to host this year’s Annual Conference.

2019 NAELA Annual Conference Seminar Reviews

By  Eric J. Einhart, Esq.
Reviews on Trusts Workshop and Estate Planning Malpractice and Ethics: Cautionary Tales and Practical Implications

Medical Debt and Older Americans

By  Josh Ard, Esq.
Most elder law attorneys have little training and little experience in counseling clients about medical debt. There are certain things we ought to know and communicate to clients, preferably to avoid problems before they arise.

CAPsules: Peer Review Ratings

By  April Hill, CELA, CAP
Peer review ratings help your practice and prepare you for becoming a member of the Council of Advanced Practitioners.

2019 Summit: Experience NAELA's 2019 Summit in Our Nation's Capital

By  Crystal West Edwards, CELA, and Valerie B. Geiger, Esq.
What better place to sharpen your elder and special needs law practice toolkit than Washington, D.C.?

President's Message: Looking to the Future

By  Jennifer L. VanderVeen, CELA, CAP, Fellow
I look forward to using this forum to keep you updated on what is going on with NAELA leadership and how we are working to maintain and strengthen our status

Call for NAELA Board Nominations: You Can Make a Difference

By  Michael J. Amoruso, Esq., CAP, Fellow
On behalf of the NAELA Nominating Committee, I invite you to consider serving on the Academy’s Board of Directors, or consider nominating a colleague.

What Captain Planet Has to Do With NAELA Advocacy

By  David M. Goldfarb, Esq., CAE
NAELA’s advocacy, like Captain Planet, requires our members to combine their own “special powers” to form a whole that is greater than its parts.

Jul/Aug/Sept 2019

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