NAELA members, working together and learning from one another, have broad experience with legal issues affecting people as they age and people with disabilities.


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Potential Effects of the Proposed Medicaid Eligibility Rule for Newly Enrolled Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees

12/1/2022 |  Story

Among the many changes in the recent proposed CMS rule are several major changes to the eligibility process for people with Medicare who are also eligible for help from Medicaid.
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Now’s The Time: 4 Reasons To Pass The ABLE Age Adjustment Act

11/16/2022 |  Story

Millions of Americans with disabilities could see a vital change to savings access if proposed legislation passes.
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U.S. COVID-19 Public Health Emergency to Stay in Place

11/14/2022 |  Story

The United States will keep in place the public health emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing millions of Americans to still receive free tests, vaccines and treatments.
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Supreme Court Rejects Appeal from Air Force Veteran in Dispute Over VA Benefits

11/7/2022 |  Story

The Supreme Court declined to take up an appeal from an Air Force veteran who had challenged the authority of the Department of Veterans Affairs to deny him certain disability benefits.
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NAELA Supports MFP

11/21/2022  Announcement
NAELA has joined member organizations of the Disability and Aging Collaborative (DAC) to urge the House and Senate to fully support the MFP.
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2023 NAELA Annual Conference Information

11/9/2022  Announcement
Make your plans today to attend the 2023 NAELA Annual Conference at the beautiful Caribe Hilton in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 4-5, 2023.
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NAELA Urges CMS to Streamline Medicaid

11/7/2022  Announcement
NAELA urges CMS to streamline Medicaid eligibility, enrollment, and renewal processes
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NAELA and Partners Ask Congress to Fund SSA

11/3/2022  Announcement
NAELA joins the Consortium for Constituents with Disabilities (CCD) to ask Congress to properly fund the Social Security Administration (SSA). Staff losses and outdated phone systems need to be addressed.
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Podcast: How Legal Documentation Helps Prepare for Hard Decisions

10/24/2022  Announcement
Podcast: How Legal Documentation Helps Prepare for Hard Decisions with C. Grace Whiting.
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Mark Munson, CELA, CAP

Mark Munson, CELA, CAP, Wausau, Wisconsin

  • State Advocacy Committee
  • Wisconsin Chapter Board
  • Wisconsin Legislative Litigation Group
“I’m a strong believer in giving back somehow, someway. It allows me to continue to make a positive and meaningful impact in the lives of other people.”