NAELA members, working together and learning from one another, have broad experience with legal issues affecting people as they age and people with disabilities.


NAELA sponsors continuing education programs for attorneys and provides publications and educational materials to members.


NAELA leads and advocates on public policy issues facing members’ clients and their families.


Plan for Retirement Using Your Biological, Not Your Chronological, Age

3/24/2017 |  Story

Most people plan how much they’ll spend in retirement based on their chronological age. But in the not-too-distant future, they might consider using something entirely different – their biological age.
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Trumpcare Has Seniors Rethinking Early Retirement

3/23/2017 |  Story

The health care overhaul will likely make it more expensive for Americans to retire before they’re eligible for Medicare.
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Column: Most Americans Can't Afford Their Lifestyle and Still Retire

3/22/2017 |  Story

When your favorite television show goes to commercial, one might get the impression the entire country is filled with millionaires.
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Key in GOP Health Care Overhaul: Massive Changes to Medicaid

3/21/2017 |  Story

The debate over how many people would lose health insurance under the Republican health care overhaul and its impact on the budget deficit obscures one of the major and most far-reaching effects of the proposal: sweeping changes to Medicaid.
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NAELA President Issues Statement on the American Health Care Act
3/20/2017  Press Release
NAELA members counsel individuals with disabilities of all ages facing potential poverty and institutionalization as a result of their condition.
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NAELA Celebrates National Consumer Protection Week
3/1/2017  Press Release
NAELA member attorneys focus on taking preventative measures to protect older Americans and people with disabilities
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Join the NAELA Delegation to Israel
1/11/2017  Announcement
Research the rights, representation, and support for the aging population in Israel with fellow NAELA members from June 5-12, 2017
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NAELA Vice President Attends Signing of 21st Century Cures Act
12/13/2016  Story
NAELA Vice President Mike Amoruso attended the signing of the 21st Century Cures Act at the White House as NAELA's representative.
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NAELA Praises Passage of Special Needs Trust Fairness Act as Part of 21st Century Cures
12/7/2016  Press Release
The Special Needs Trust Fairness Act corrects a patently false and degrading error in the law that presumed all individuals with disabilities lacked the capacity to handle their own affairs.
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