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The High Cost of Taking Away Prisoners' Medicaid Coverage

4/23/2018|  Story

Local jails and prisons are required to provide prisoners with adequate health care. But the interruption of federal and state programs inmates had been depending on can cause major problems, making it more likely that people will cycle in and out of jail.
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Medicare Advisers Recommend Payment Cuts to Many Free-Standing ERs

4/20/2018|  Story

Free-standing emergency departments have been cropping up across the U.S. in recent years and now number more than 500, according to the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, an agency that reports to Congress.
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New Medicare Perk For Diabetes Prevention Stumbles at Rollout

4/19/2018|  Story

Several weeks ago, Medicare launched an initiative to prevent seniors and people with serious disabilities from developing Type 2 diabetes, one of the most common and costly medical conditions in the U.S.
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Trump Signs Bill Adding Protections For Social Security, SSI Recipients

4/18/2018|  Story

Individuals tasked with handling Social Security payments for people with disabilities will be subject to greater scrutiny under a new law signed by President Donald Trump.
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Social Security Benefits for Grandchildren

4/17/2018|  Story

In some cases, dependent children are eligible for Social Security based on their retired, disabled or deceased grandparent's benefits.
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NAELA Joins Brief Supporting Suit Against Administration’s Approval of Kentucky’s Medicaid Waiver
4/9/2018  Press Release
Last Friday, NAELA together with AARP, AARP Foundation, Justice in Aging, and the Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF) submitted a brief in the case against the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for approving a waiver of t
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Stewart, et al. v Azar
4/9/2018  News Story
Amici Curiae of NAELA, AARP, AARP Foundation, Justice in Aging, and Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund
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NAELA Supports World Autism Awareness Day
4/2/2018  Press Release
According to a recent Disability Scoop article, the federal government approved a spending measure which includes Kevin and Avonte’s Law, allocating federal dollars to address wandering among children with autism and other developmental disabilities.
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NAELA Supports National Consumer Protection Week
3/3/2018  Press Release
NAELA supports National Consumer Protection Week, March 4-10, 2018.
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NAELA Supports Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
2/28/2018  Press Release
This March, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) supports Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.
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