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Nursing Home Critics Say COVID-19 Immunity Laws Are a Free Pass For Neglect

1/27/21|  Story

Like nearly 30 other states, North Carolina granted legal immunity to nursing homes to shield them from COVID-19 lawsuits. Nursing homes argued that they needed protection as the coronavirus raged through their facilities and the recommended safety guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fluctuated.
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Biden Pandemic Strategy Puts Focus on People With Disabilities

1/26/21|  Story

As President Joe Biden introduces a coordinated federal approach to address the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s turning attention to the virus’ impact on people with disabilities.
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HHS Civil Rights Office Tackles Health Care Discrimination of People with Disabilities

1/25/21|  Story

Civil rights officials at the Department of Health and Human Services issued a series of actions to protect people with disabilities from health care discrimination by medical providers during the pandemic.
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What The Second Stimulus Bill Means For Your Retirement Accounts

1/22/21|  Story

In the waning days of 2020, Congress passed a second Covid-19 relief bill as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, which was then signed into law on Dec. 27. While the $600 stimulus check is the most touted (and perhaps most controversial) aspect, this bill, like the CARES Act before it, also includes provisions that may affect your retirement account.
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The Social Security Retirement Age Could Change. What That Could Mean for Benefits

1/21/21|  Story

As Social Security faces funding issues and life expectancies increase, the program could raise the age when people are eligible for full benefits.
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ALS Patients to Gain Quicker Access to Disability Benefits and Medicare

1/20/21|  Story

People with ALS often must quit their jobs — and sometimes their spouses do, too, to provide care — leaving families in financial distress. A decade-long campaign by advocates highlighting this predicament notched a victory last month when Congress passed a bill opening key support programs earlier for ALS patients.
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NAELA Celebrates Passage of Latest COVID-19 Relief Package
1/15/2021  Press Release
The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) praises the U.S. Senate for passage of the latest COVID-19 relief package. The relief package will aid in three of NAELA’s top public policy priorities for 2021.
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NAELA Empowers Consumers Against Scams
12/7/2020  Press Release
NAELA is promoting an education campaign designed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to enlist people over 65 in the effort to recognize and report frauds and scams.
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NAELA Pays Tribute on Veterans Day 2020
11/9/2020  Press Release
Association for Elder and Special Needs Law Attorneys Observes National Holiday Recognizing Veterans for Their Service
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NAELA Celebrates National Special Needs Law Month in October 2020
10/2/2020  Press Release
Elder and special needs law attorneys focus on education and awareness of legal options for people with disabilities and their families
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NAELA Joins Other Organizations Opposing Immunity Waivers
9/24/2020  Press Release
NAELA recognizes the tragedy of nursing home resident deaths since COVID-19 and the importance of holding nursing homes accountable for the care they provide to residents.
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