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Nicki Applefield Engel, CELA
6781 Parker Farm Drive Suite 210 Wilmington, NC 28405
(910) 777-5734
(828) 258-9222
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Elder Law and Estates and Trusts
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Simonsen v. Bremby2015 WL 9451031 (D. Conn. Dec. 23, 2015) - Inter Vivos Trusts Decanting to Third-Party Special Needs Trusts Were Not Available Assets (D. Conn.) Plaintiff Dawn Simonsen is a 57-year old quadriplegic requiring ventilator care. Her mother created two inter vivos trusts for Dawn's benefit. The trusts gave the trustee total discretion over distributions, and both trusts contained spendthrift clauses.
Nursing Home Residents’ RightsCovers rights within the law that are due residents of nursing homes
The NAELA Annual Conference — Rich and SatisfyingAttending a NAELA meeting for the first time, this member of the Young/New Attorneys Section describes her experiences.
Overview Of MedicaidHow has the Deficit Reduction Act changed the Medicaid eligibility landscape? Life after the DRA continues, so knowing basic rules and planning techniques will assist you in navigating the Medicaid program.
Mother of Decedent Had No Standing to Contest Will of Her Son (Del. Chanc. Ct.)Beverly McCarty and Ragen McCarty filed a petition to contest the Will of Michael McCarty (Decedent). Beverly was the mother of the Decedent and Ragen was the adult daughter of the Decedent. John McCarty, the executor of the decedent’s estate, moved to dismiss Beverly because she was not an interested party to this litigation given that she was neither a beneficiary of the will that was being contested nor an intestate beneficiary of her son’s estate.
2012 NAELA Annual Conference: Learning and Networking in SeattleThe last week of April 2012 presented a very special opportunity for 240 NAELA members to gather in Seattle, Wash., for three days of networking and fantastic learning opportunities focused on Elder and Special Needs Law