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Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, CAP
69 W Washington St., Ste. 700 Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 603-0849
(312) 603-9946
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About the Practice
The Office of the Cook County Public Guardian represents those persons routinely ignored by society. We have three divisions devoted to championing for the rights of children and adults. In our Juvenile Division, we act as lawyers for abused and neglected children. In our Adult Guardianship Division, we act as guardian for adults with disabilities and their estates. Our third division, the Domestic Relations Division, focuses on representing children in highly contested custody cases.
Wendy Shparago Cappelletto is the Director of Policy and Benefits at the Office of the Public Guardian of Cook County, in the Adult Guardianship Division. Prior to joining the Public Guardian’s Office in 1998, Ms. Cappelletto was a staff attorney at Prairie State Legal Services, Inc. She is a member of the Guardianship/Conservatorship Section Steering Committee and the Council of Advance Practitioners of NAELA. She currently serves as a NAELA representative to the National Guardianship Network. She was a NAELA delegate at the Third National Guardianship Summit in 2011. In addition, she served as the NAELA Observer on the Uniform Law Commission Drafting Committee for the Uniform Guardianship, Conservatorship and Other Protective Arrangements Act. She has also co-chaired two national NAELA conferences. She is a two-time past president of the Illinois Chapter of NAELA and is currently serves on the Illinois Chapter Legislative Committee.
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Featured Member: Meet NAELA's 32nd President Jennifer VanderVeen, CELA, CAP, FellowJen brings passion, integrity, and enthusiasm to everything she does.
In re Angela A.,2013 IL App. 120786, Nos. 4-12-0786, 4-12-0787 cons. (September 5, 2013) - Mental Health Patient Had Right to Independent Exam Before Hearing on Involuntary Admission (Ill. App.)
2018 NAELA Summit: The Windy City Welcomes NAELAFrom the architectural beauty to the unrivaled food scene, Chicago was the perfect city to host the NAELA 2018 Summit.
Immigration Issues Impacting Individuals under GuardianshipGuardianship practitioners are facing more immigration issues than ever before in their practices. This session will address various issues that may arise in a guardianship including the legal issues surrounding a person under guardianship who is an immigrant, the employ of non-citizen caregivers and other employees. This session will also address the use of minor guardianships in situations where the parent or parents are facing deportation.
Estate Planning With Nonqualified Annuities: Navigating the LabyrinthWhen our clients come to us for estate or Medicaid planning advice, nonqualified annuities are often a component of their portfolios.
2018 NAELA SummitMark your calendar to be in Chicago for the 2018 Summit, November 15–17, 2018.
Medicare Expedited AppealsHow do you keep care in place when a skilled nursing facility reduces daily care to intermittent?
Planning for Public Benefits in Guardianship/ConservatorshipLearn how to approach a new guardianship case to investigate current benefits and assess the need and appropriateness of Public Benefits including Medicaid. Understand what steps may need to be taken by a guardian in order for a person under guardianship to become eligible for certain needs based benefits including the creation of Special Needs Trusts and Medicaid Planning as well as the potential pitfalls of the various strategies. Effectuate the steps necessary, including but not limited to, obtaining court approval for various actions to make persons under guardianship eligible for needs based Public Benefits.
Solving the Health and Long-Term Care Crises: A Challenge For CongressDr. Judith Feder will provide insights regarding the 110th Congress and the many challenges it faces. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, long-term care, and the uninsured are priorities of the new majority, but limited resources are at their disposal. Dr. Feder will outline what Congress might and might not tackle this year and next, and provide her views on the most effective ways to handle the looming crises.
Bailey Liipfert III, CELA: One of a KindLike many NAELA members, Bailey was primarily motivated to specialize in Elder Law by an altruistic desire to provide a needed service for his clients, and not by a desire to maximize his earnings.
The Twilight Lawyers (NAELA Lunch & Learn)The American Bar Association (ABA) 2012 Lawyer Demographics Survey found that the percentage of practicing lawyers age 45 and older increased from 38 percent in 1991 to 62 percent in 2005. Join NAELA members for a lively conversation about an aging attorney population and the ethical concerns facing cognitively impaired lawyers.
Public Benefits: Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security and VAOverview of eligibility for long-term services and support provided by Medicaid, including home and community based waiver programs. Medicare changes occasioned by ACA. Overview of four SSA entitlement programs (retirement, disability, dependents, and survivors) and one welfare program (Supplemental Security Income). Broad overview of VA health, burial and pension benefits available to Veterans and surviving spouses.
Not Just Another ReportThe Older Americans Act mandates who should be the targeted senior for the limited legal services provided with Title IIIB funds. Accountability based upon accurate and consistent data ensures that these goals are being met. It is through standardizing statewide reporting that such data can be collected to provide assurance that the target population is being served in the requisite priority subtantive areas with the limited dollars. Panel discussion of the needs for statewide stadardized reporting; the impact of legal needs assessments and surveys on reporting, both nationally and locally; steps to development of the forms; and sharing specific challenges and successes of two states.
NAELA 2015 Conference: Keeping Up With the Latest and Seminar ReviewsThis year’s conference agenda was all about emerging research, changes and trends in the law, best practices, and actively engaging with leading experts in various fields and disciplines.
Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Ethical IssuesThis session will address various topics relating to representing a client with diminished capacity, including a discussion of ethical issues that often arise, legal documents designed to establish an authority structure following incapacity, and what happens when those documents are unavailable because capacity is already too diminished (guardianship/conservatorship).
Guardianship Mock TrialThis session will address the situation where an alleged individual has some cognitive deficits which may make him or her vulnerable to financial exploitation. Attorneys often shy away from these matters as they are tougher cases to handle. Quite often, however, the failure to put some protective measures in place for the assets may result in an alleged disabled individual suffering irreparable harm through the actions of an exploiter. The presentation will include a fact pattern and examples of presenting direct and cross-examination of witnesses as well as tips for pursuing these more challenging scenarios.
NAELA Guardianship/Conservatorship Section: New Guardianship Guidelines Incorporated IntoGuidelines for improving the guardianship system and providing more protections for at-risk adults.
The Impact of State Medicaid Reform on Vulnerable Populations Needing Long-TermDue to the economic downturn, many states have been struggling to balance their budgets and have looked to the Medicaid program in their efforts to do so. Ironically, cuts in Medicaid spending come at the same time that enrollment in the program is growing. What strategies have states utilized to contain Medicaid spending, and what impact will such efforts have on vulnerable users of the program? In the opening article, Elizabeth P. Allen, Esq.; Shana Siegel, CELA; and Wendy Cappelletto, Esq., explore these questions through study of reform efforts in three states: Florida, New Jersey, and Illinois. The authors question whether certain reform efforts will actually save the states money if, as a result, poor people become sicker and require even more (or more expensive) care.
National Guardianship SummitThis panel is comprised of delegates who recently attended the National Guardianship Summit. The panel will discuss the papers presented at the conference and the recommendations voted upon by all of the delegates.