NAELA Fellows of the Academy


NAELA Fellows are attorneys who have been members of the Academy for at least three years, whose careers concentrate on elder law and/or special needs planning, and who have distinguished themselves both by making exceptional contributions to meeting the needs of older Americans and by demonstrating commitment to the Academy. Election as a Fellow signifies that the lawyer is recognized by peers as a model for others, and an exceptional lawyer and leader.

 Who is considered for nomination?

  • Nominees must have been members of the Academy for at least three years.
  • Nominees may not have been nominated in the prior two years.
  • Nominees must have distinguished themselves by demonstrating a substantial commitment to the Academy on a national basis. The most significant component in the selection process is commitment and contributions to NAELA. Nominees’ activities in NAELA committees, programs, and leadership are the emphasis of the selection process. Participation in NAELA chapters, while important and considered, is not sufficient on its own for selection.
  • Nominees careers must concentrate on elder law and/or special needs planning. It is not necessary that the nominee practice only elder law and/or special needs planning, however, the selection process does weigh the concentration of the practice.
  • Nominees must have distinguished themselves by making exceptional contributions to meeting the needs of older Americans and/or Americans with disabilities.

The nominees work on a state or local level, as well as their involvement in their community are important factors in the selection process.

Selection as a Fellow is the highest honor bestowed by the Academy. Election as a Fellow signifies that his/her peers recognize the lawyer as a model for others, and as an exceptional lawyer and leader.

Would you like to nominate someone for Fellows? Deadline for 2023 Fellows selection is December 8, 2023.  Click the link below for a nomination form.
Download a nomination form
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Michael J. Amoruso, FellowRye BrookNYFellow of the Academy 2016
Howard J. Atlas, CELA, Fellow, CAPMelvilleNYFellow of the Academy 1998
Jean Galloway Ball, CELA, Fellow, CAPFairfaxVAFellow of the Academy 2010
Cynthia L. Barrett, FellowPortlandORFellow of the Academy 1995
Donna R. Bashaw, CELA, FellowSanta AnaCAFellow of the Academy 1997
Thomas D. Begley, Jr., CELA, FellowMoorestownNJFellow of the Academy 1998
Fay Blix, CELA, Fellow, CAPLaguna HillsCAFellow of the Academy 2007
Allan D. Bogutz, CELA, FellowBainbridge IslandWAFellow of the Academy 1989
Edwin M. Boyer, CAP, FellowSarasotaFLFellow of the Academy 2004
William J. Brisk, CELA, FellowNewton CenterMAFellow of the Academy 1999
Baird B. Brown, FellowGrand JunctionCOFellow of the Academy 1996
Martha C. Brown, CELA, Fellow, CAPSaint LouisMOFellow of the Academy 2008
William J. Browning, CELA, FellowWorthingtonOHFellow of the Academy 1998
Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, CAP, FellowChicagoILFellow of the Academy 2021
Geraldine E. Champion, CELA, FellowGrover BeachCAFellow of the Academy 1997
Alfred J. Chiplin, Jr., Fellow (Deceased)WashingtonDCFellow of the Academy 1999
Dennis James Christensen, FellowMount PleasantSCFellow of the Academy 2002
Victoria L. Collier, CELA, FellowAtlantaGAFellow of the Academy 2012
Richard A. Courtney, CELA, Fellow, CAPMadisonMSFellow of the Academy 2014
Timothy P. Crawford, CELA, FellowRacineWIFellow of the Academy 2012
Hyman G. Darling, CELA, Fellow, CAPSpringfieldMAFellow of the Academy 2017
Lawrence E. Davidow, CELA, FellowIslandiaNYFellow of the Academy 2000
Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, Fellow, CAPFarmington HillsMIFellow of the Academy 2009
M. Garey Eakes, Fellow  Fellow of the Academy 1991
Ellice Fatoullah, FellowNew CanaanCTEmeritus Fellow of the Academy 1991
Ronald A. Fatoullah, CELA, Fellow, CAPGreat NeckNYFellow of the Academy 2001
Daniel G. Fish, CELA, FellowNew YorkNYFellow of the Academy 1990
Robert B. Fleming, CELA, FellowTucsonAZFellow of the Academy 1994
Roberta K. Flowers, FellowGulfportFLFellow of the Academy 2021
Judith M. Flynn, CELA, FellowQuincyMAFellow of the Academy 2023
Jason A. Frank, CELA, Fellow, CAPNew OrleansLAFellow of the Academy 2014
Robert M. Freedman, FellowNew YorkNYFellow of the Academy 1990
Gregory S. French, CELA, Fellow, CAPCincinnatiOHFellow of the Academy 1994
Bradley J. Frigon, CELA, FellowLittletonCOFellow of the Academy 2014
Lawrence A. Frolik, FellowPittsburghPAFellow of the Academy 2007
Michael Gilfix, CAP, FellowPalo AltoCAFellow of the Academy 1989
Myra G. Gilfix, FellowPalo AltoCAFellow of the Academy 1995
David Godfrey, FellowWashingtonDCFellow of the Academy 2019
H. Amos Goodall, Jr., CELA, FellowState CollegePAFellow of the Academy 2013
Craig A. Gordon, FellowTucsonAZEmeritus Fellow of the Academy 1995
Judith D. Grimaldi, CELA, Fellow, CAPBrooklynNYFellow of the Academy 2021
Neil A. Harris, CELA, FellowChicoCAFellow of the Academy 2000
Doris E. Hawks, FellowLos AltosCAFellow of the Academy 2005
Marielle F. Hazen, CELA, FellowHarrisburgPAFellow of the Academy 2022
Jo-Anne Herina Herina Jeffreys, CELA, FellowNaplesFLFellow of the Academy 2003
Lee M. Holmes, CELA, FellowOklahoma CityOKFellow of the Academy 1995
Andrew H. Hook, CELA, FellowVirginia BeachVAFellow of the Academy 2004
Barbara S. Hughes, FellowMadisonWIFellow of the Academy 2009
Mary Alice Jackson, FellowSarasotaFLFellow of the Academy 2012
A. Frank Johns, CELA, FellowGreensboroNCFellow of the Academy 1995
Natalie J. Kaplan, FellowNew YorkNYFellow of the Academy 1995
John F. Kearns, CELA, FellowWest HartfordCTFellow of the Academy 1999
Michael A. Kirtland, CELA, FellowColorado SpringsCOFellow of the Academy 2016
Morris Klein, CELA, Fellow, CAPBethesdaMDFellow of the Academy 2005
Bernard A. Krooks, CELA, FellowNew YorkNYFellow of the Academy 1999
Howard S. Krooks, Esq., CELA, FellowBoca RatonFLFellow of the Academy 2009
Clifton B. Kruse, Jr., Fellow (Deceased)Colorado SpringsCOFellow of the Academy 1993, Deceased
Ron M. Landsman (deceased), FellowRockvilleMDFellow of the Academy 1991 (Deceased)
Janine A. Lawless, FellowSeattleWAFellow of the Academy 2000
Harry S. Margolis, FellowWellesley HillsMAFellow of the Academy 1995
Letha Sgritta McDowell, CELA, CAP, FellowSouthern ShoresNCFellow of the Academy 2022
Kate Mewhinney, CELA, FellowWinston SalemNCFellow of the Academy 1997
Franchelle C. Millender (deceased), FellowColumbiaSCFellow of the Academy 2012
Leonard E. Mondschein, CELA, CAP, FellowMiamiFLFellow of the Academy 2021
Rebecca C. Morgan, CAP, FellowGulfportFLFellow of the Academy 1995
Alex L. Moschella, CELA, FellowStonehamMAFellow of the Academy 2001
Rajiv Nagaich, Fellow, CAPFederal WayWAFellow of the Academy 2014
Tim Nay, FellowPortlandORFellow of the Academy 1992
Helen Cohn Needham, CAP, FellowArlingtonVAFellow of the Academy 1995
Ian S. Oppenheim, CELA, FellowHalifaxMAFellow of the Academy 2005
Julie Osterhout, FellowFort MyersFLFellow of the Academy 1997
William H. Overman, FellowAtlantaGAFellow of the Academy 1994
Kerry R. Peck, Fellow, CAPChicagoILFellow of the Academy 2017
Steven C. Perlis, CELA, FellowBuffalo GroveILEmeritus Fellows of the Academy 2000
Ruth A. Phelps, CELA, Fellow, CAPPasadenaCAFellow of the Academy 2009

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