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Member Communities

NAELA membership gives you access to the member listserv and an option to add other communities such as state chapters.

Experience Listing Information

Experience Listings improve information available to consumers looking for an elder law or special needs planning attorney.

Enhance Your Member Profile

NAELA members are featured in a searchable online profile visible to consumers looking for an elder law or special needs planning attorney.

Display Your NAELA Membership Logo

Ensure your clients understand you are a NAELA member and are committed to professional development in elder law and special needs planning.


Members of NAELA are eligible to join State Chapters.


When you join NAELA, you have the opportunity to participate in distinctive networking groups specific to your practice and areas of interest.

NAELA Brochures Download

NAELA offers brochures covering Elder Law and Special Needs topics.

Elder Law Month Toolkit

Your chance to reach out to your community and your clients in a variety of ways that will benefit the community and your elder law practice.

Special Needs Law Month Toolkit

October is National Special Needs Law Month.

Career Center

The Career Center is an important link between those looking to work in this field and those firms needing talented people.

NAELA Merchandise

NAELA has partnered with Lands End to offer members merchandise customized with the NAELA logo.

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