The Theresa Award

The Theresa Award is an annual community service award presented by the Theresa Alessandra Russo Foundation to a NAELA member in recognition of his or her advocacy and support of individuals with disabilities.

Submit a nomination for the 2020 award recipient by November 6, 2020. Download the form below.
Download the nomination form
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Theresa Award Recipients

2021 Annette M. Hines
2020 Michael Gilfix, CAP, Fellow, and Myra G. Gilfix, Fellow
2019 Tim Nay
2018 Lora Webster and Alfred "Chip" Chiplin (posthumously)
2017 H. Amos Goodall and Kelly Piacenti
2016 Elizabethanne Miller Angevine
2015 Mary Alice Jackson
2014 Michael J. Amoruso
2013 John J. Ford 
2012 Joan L. Robert
2011 Renée C. Lovelace
2010 Stephen W. Dale  
2009 Richard A. Courtney
2008 Rebecca Morgan
2007 Emily S. Starr
2006 Charles P. Sabatino
2005 Stephen J. Silverberg
2004 Judith A. Stein
2003 Mary T. Schmitt Smith
2002 Kate A. Mewhinney
2001 Réne H. Reixach
2000 Charles R. Robert
1999 Allan D. Bogutz
1998 Donna R. Bashaw
1997 Scott R. Severns
1996 A. Frank Johns
1995 Ira S. Weisner