Good Shepherd Fund
Cameron Lindahl

9633 S. 48th Street
Ste 290
Phoenix, AZ 85044

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About the Practice
Good Shepherd Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support services to enhance the quality of life of aging adults and people with disabilities. We offer Trustee services on standalone trusts and person-centered services in select states.
Professional Biography
Cameron’s passion for helping people with disabilities started at a young age when his father became legally blind in his thirties. This passion led him to one of Florida’s lowest-performing schools to begin a career in teaching students with special needs and severe behavioral disorders. After helping the school achieve a passing rating, he was introduced to a career in trust administration with a nonprofit charity focused on educating the legal community and providing trust services. Cameron's graduate degree in Policy and experience in mixed-method research quickly advanced his career to a director position. In this position, Cameron became recognized as a thought leader within the trust administration industry by educating personal injury and worker's compensation attorneys on strategies to protect their clients. As Vice President of Advancement at Good Shepherd Fund and Secured Futures, he continues spreading education on government benefits, estates, and trusts.

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