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2020 NAELA Annual Conference

In Appreciation of the 2020 Annual Conference Planning Committee

2020AnnualPlanningTY Although NAELA was not able to host the 2020 Annual Conference earlier this year in Seattle, it would have been an event to remember. The planning committee worked for more than a year identifying the perfect content, selecting the best speakers, and designing an agenda that allowed for collaboration and networking for all. But as we know, hosting a live meeting in 2020 wasn’t meant to be as COVID-19 hit the Seattle area with intensity. Nevertheless, the planning committee deserves a round of applause for a job well done. NAELA’s Board of Directors and members thank each of you for your devotion to the planning of the 2020 Annual Conference and for never giving up and continuing to refine the agenda up to the day the conference was canceled.

We appreciate you very much!

2020 Annual Conference Planning Committee
Professor Roberta Flowers (Florida)
Howard Krooks, CELA, CAP, Fellow (Florida)
Rajiv Nagaich, CAP, Fellow (Washington)
Brenna Galvin, Esq. (Minnesota)
David Godfrey, Fellow (Washington, D.C.)
Beth McDaniel, CELA (Washington)

2020 Awards
We weren't able to present this year's awards in person at the Annual Conference, and NAELA wants to congratulate and acknowledge every 2020 award recipient. To learn more about the awards listed below, go to

Charles P. Sabatino Excellence in Public Policy Award
Michael J. Amoruso, CAP, Fellow

John J. Regan Writing Award
Professor Leigh Melton, Lauren Ritter, JD, and Amanda Bird, JD, for their article in the 2019 NAELA Journal, “Observing the NOTICE Act.”

Powley Elder Law Award
Professor Rebecca C. Morgan, CAP, Fellow

NAELA President’s Award
Center for At-Risk Elders, Indianapolis, Ind.

Theresa Award
Michael Gilfix, Esq., CAP, Fellow and Myra Gilfix, Esq., Fellow

Chapter Member of the Year Awards

Tammy Weber, CELA

Heather Voorn, CELA, CAP

Dawn E. McFadden, Esq.

Brian G. Quinn, Esq.
Julie Berkowitz, CELA

Beth L. Barnhard, CELA

Sarah S. Ambrogi, Esq.

Stephen D. Burns, Esq.

Alan A. Panek, Esq.

Leigh Bennett, Esq.

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