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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys


Join a NAELA Committee

By Abby Matienzo, NAELA Publications

Learn how two NAELA members got involved and how their volunteer work has made a difference in their careers.

NAELA volunteers play a vital role in the Academy. Make a difference. Grow your network. Whatever your interests and skills, there’s a volunteer opportunity for you.

For more information on joining a NAELA committee, please visit

Whether you’re new to NAELA, a longtime member, or somewhere in between, joining a NAELA committee will help you get more out of your membership by allowing you to meet more local and national members, expanding your knowledge of elder and special needs law and helping you apply it in your practice, and giving you opportunities to share your own expertise to help other members. Becoming part of a committee also helps build a sense of community as you become more involved in your professional association.

On the following pages, we interview two members who started by getting involved with their NAELA State Chapters and then made the jump into working with national NAELA.

Another Way to Volunteer for NAELA: NAELA Mentors Program
If you take pride in serving as an example of success in your field, take the next step in helping develop future leaders in elder and special needs law. By taking the time to serve as a mentor, you are adding value to current and future generations. Mentees can benefit from the recognized expertise and guidance of experienced NAELA members. Please contact Miles Truax ( for more information.

About the Author
Abby Matienzo is NAELA’s Communications Manager.

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Volunteer: Join a NAELA Committee

By  Abby Matienzo, NAELA Publications

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