NAELA Journal Volume 7 Issue 2

Introduction: The Growing Problem of Elder Abuse

By  Bridget O’Brien Swartz, CELA
In this edition of NAELA Journal, there are two unique articles on elder abuse.

Study Finds Certified Guardians with Legal Work Experience Are at Greater Risk for Elder Abuse Than

By  Professor Winsor C. Schmidt, Professor Fevzi Akinci, and Sarah Magill, MHPA
The purpose of this article is to present research regarding the relationship between types of professional guardian experience and guardian sanctioning, and to address the extent to which information about the relationship may help reduce the risk o

Beyond Bedsores: Investigating Suspicious Deaths, Self-Inflicted Injuries, and Science in a Coroner

By  Clarissa Bryan
This paper addresses the problem of detecting elder abuse and neglect in cases of suspected natural death and self-inflicted injury under the lay coroner system.

Introduction: Elders in the Criminal Justice System

By  Mary E. WanderPolo, CELA, CAP
My elderly father-in-law told me several years ago (after he had committed what I believed to be an environmental crime in his home town) that he would be better off going to jail, where he would get, for free, three meals a day, a room and bed, and

Sentencing Elderly Criminal Offenders

By  Dawn Miller, Esq.
This article seeks to determine if and under what circumstances elderly offenders deserve to receive abbreviated or otherwise lighter sentences.

What Happens to the Correctional System When a Right to Health Care Meets Sentencing Reform

By  Stacy L. Gavin
By all accounts, the United States is in the midst of a health care crisis. Costs are increasing. The number of uninsured is rising. Baby boomers are leaving the workforce to retire without enough workers to replace them.

Book Review: Shock of Gray

By  Carol Cioe Klyman, Esq.
Politicians pit funding generous pensions for government workers against funding education for young people.

Fall 2011


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