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In an elder law and estate planning practice, attorneys must not only advise clients on the parameters of the law, but also counsel their clients on practical matters, guiding clients toward planning choices that will best achieve their goals. Sometimes, this means recommending a course of action that the client initially sees as counterintuitive or even contrary to the client’s wishes, such as leaving property to a spouse or child in trust. Explore some of the top areas in which estate planning attorneys should consider counseling clients against the client’s preferred course of action. Topics covered will include: Leaving property in trust v. outright, whether to name a beneficiary as a trustee, and why a conduit trust may not be the best choice for retirement assets. Although it is sometimes difficult, by working through these tough topics, the attorney can become not only a good advisor but a trusted counselor.
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Vanessa Kanaga

Interactive Legal

Melbourne, FL

Letha Sgritta McDowell, CELA, CAP, Fellow

The McDowell Law Group

Virginia Beach, VA

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