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The Samantha L. Shepherd Story

By Evie P. Curtis

People who work with Samantha Shepherd, CELA, CAP, describe her in a very special way.


If you really want to know what someone is like, ask the staff. Who better to share the “real” story? I asked each staff member at Shepherd Elder Law Group to describe Samantha in three words. Those words follow with our “Samantha Story.”


Samantha is the Managing Attorney and Founder of the Shepherd Elder Law Group, LLC; President & CEO and Founder of Assured Trust Company; and Founder of the 501 (c)(3) Special Needs Assured. Enough said — really.


For more than 15 years, Samantha has served seniors, special needs, and disability communities as they plan for their health care and financial well-being. Utilizing her legal expertise and compassionate heart, Samantha has successfully helped individuals and families as aging and crisis have left them vulnerable and not able to ensure their own self-care. She listens, advises, and walks these challenging roads with her clients while bringing together local, statewide, and federal resources to respond most effectively to her clients’ needs.


Samantha knows deeply of the challenges in navigating the care systems that exist for seniors, those with special needs, and the suddenly disabled. Seeing a need to further serve these potentially vulnerable individuals, Samantha started Assured Trust Company in June of 2020, offering professional trust administration as well as care management services.


Samantha’s experience in helping families who are facing the challenges of intellectual and developmental disabilities led her to start a new charity, Special Needs Assured (SNA), in December 2020. The mission of SNA is providing support, education, funding, and advocacy for those with special needs and other developmental disabilities and creating a community where those in need can find others who know how to help.


Samantha’s staff refers to her as “the fixer.” When someone has a problem, Samantha is determined to “fix it.” Why does Samantha try so hard? Because people come to Samantha, often in crisis, and the right thing to do is remember this person is our neighbor, and neighbors take care of neighbors.


Samantha received her undergraduate degree in 1990 from Tulane University in New Orleans, cum laude. She began her legal career upon graduation from Boston College School of Law. Her professional work experience includes positions with the Essex County District Attorney, Grant Schwartz & Brown, Banknorth Group, Broward County Legal Aid, National Association of Insurance Commissioners, & the Law Offices of Craig Reeves. During the latter part of this time, Samantha also completed an LLM from the University of Missouri.


When people share their hopes and dreams and you have the responsibility of planning for their future, it’s not an easy task. Samantha has been trusted to fulfill the promises she has made to more than 6,000 families throughout the Midwest. Samantha credits all the professionals she has come to know and work with as the key to her success.


Samantha is aware of the challenges that face the aging and disability communities. What’s been done to date is still not enough. Samantha will keep searching for solutions, and in the absence of solutions, who knows what new businesses Samantha will create? 

About the Author
Evie P. Curtis is the Development Officer at Assured Trust Company.
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