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NAELA's Website Now Speaks

Tech NAELA recently implemented a new feature on our website that makes it accessible to people with disabilities. It also assists people for whom English is a second language or who don't speak English at all. It works on desktop and mobile devices.

The software, ReciteMe, is a cloud-based web-accessibility solution that allows people visiting the NAELA site to customize the website in a way that works for them. You can try it out yourself by going to and clicking on the “Accessibility” link at the very top of the page, next to the search box. (Tip: You may need to clear you cache if you don’t see the Accessibility link.) The ReciteMe toolbar opens at the top of each page. Highlighting a few of the customization tools available, a user can:

• Change the text language,

• Change the font size or typeface (for example, there’s a selection for “Open Dyslexic,” which is a typeface specifically developed to make reading easier for people with dyslexia),

• Listen to the page (it can read aloud in several different languages),

• Start up a ruler to assist reading,

• Download a text file of the page for reading later,

• Download an audio file of the page for listening later, and

• View a complete online user guide.

These features also work on the Find a Lawyer results, which will be helpful for anyone looking for an attorney.

Check out your NAELA directory listing to hear how your practice description sounds in Spanish.

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