NAELA Journal Volume 18 Issue 2 e-Issue

NAELA Journal Fall 2022

NAELA Journal Volume 18 Issue 2 e-Issue

The Medicare Hospice Benefit

By  Terry Berthelot, MSW, JD
Elder law attorneys should have a comprehensive understanding of the Medicare hospice benefit for three reasons.

Medical Cannabis for Older Adults: A Medical and Legal Perspective

By  Melanie Bone, M.D.; Barry Gordon, M.D.; and Carlton Bone B.S.
This article provides an overview of cannabis and its benefits and analyzes the regulatory and legal issues elder law attorneys must consider when their older adult clients consider using cannabis for medical purposes.

Trusts and Life Estates in Home Equity Conversion Mortgage Transactions

By  Stephen R. Pepe, Esq.
HECMs work alongside trusts and life estates provided certain regulatory and lender requirements are met. This article explains what lenders and regulators require in this realm so that you can advise your clients effectively.

Case Note: Barrows v. Becerra

By  Sorrelle Dattel, JD, MBA
In January 2022, a federal appeals court ruled that the lack of an administrative review process for Medicare beneficiaries to appeal a denial of Part A coverage based on reclassification of their inpatient status violates their due process rights.

Widowish: A Memoir

By  Amanda C. Hsiao, Esq.
For elder law and special needs attorneys, Gould’s memoir is an accessible window into both the individual and the universal nature of loss and resilience that shapes the reality of clients navigating similar passages in life.

Diary of a Death Doula: 25 Lessons the Dying Teach Us About the Afterlife

By  Joanne Barry Spellane, Esq.
The author is not only a volunteer death doula with hospice but also a practicing psychic and a medium. She seeks to share what she has learned in the hope of expanding our culture’s understanding of death — and lessening the fear surrounding it.

Fall 2022

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