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NAELA Welcomes Strong HCBS State Guidance from CMS

News Article

By  Lauren Marinaro, Esq., and Lindsay Jones, Esq.
Guidance from CMS provides significant technical information on how states can and should apply for flexibilities to better address the needs of “medically needy” or other higher-income groupings, assisting individuals who may otherwise only be eligi

Book Review: What Retirees Want: A Holistic View of Life's Third Age

Journal Article

By  William J. Brisk, CELA, Fellow
If elder law attorneys had a poet laureate, it might be Ken Dychtwald. His career and NAELA’s development are intertwined.

Tools of Trust, Estate, and Elder Abuse Pretrial Litigation

Journal Article

By  David G. Knitter, Esq, and Kelsey I. Knitter, Esq.
Assume your client comes to you, an elder law attorney, and explains that she has discovered that her mother, who has been suffering from numerous medical ailments and dementia, has amended her long-standing trust to disinherit your client, her only

New York NAELA Chapter: 2021 50-State Medicaid Chart

News Article

By  New York NAELA Chapter
This chart will serve as a valuable reference tool for attorneys to use in cross-border Medicaid planning for their clients with interests in multiple states.

Advocacy Litigation Section: Special Legal Considerations When There Is a Child With Disabilities

News Article

By  Valerie A. Powers Smith, Esq.
Careful planning and consideration must go into divorce and custody agreements in order to protect the interests of the child, maximize access to vital needs-based services and supports, and preserve publicly funded disability benefits.

Psychiatric Advance Directives

Journal Article

By  Elizabeth J. Hartery, Esq.
The first half of this article summarizes the Uniform Health-Care Decisions Act (UHCDA) and the features of state PAD statutes. The second half summarizes support for and criticism of PADs and advocates for a model uniform PAD act.

Letter of Intent

News Article

By  Kelly Piacenti, ChSNC
Every person has different needs, and everyone has different wishes for their loved one. The letter of intent (LOI) can provide a parent or guardian who is caring for a loved one with special needs the opportunity to help future caregivers quickly le

The New NAELA News CAPsules Column: Words of Wisdom from a CAP

News Article

By  April D. Hill, CELA, CAP
An invitation to all CAP members to contribute to this new column.

Book Review: What Are You Going Through

Journal Article

By  Charles P. Golbert, Esq.
What would you do if a longtime friend with a terminal illness asked you to live in the country with her for the last months of her life before ending her own life with medicine obtained for that purpose?

The Subversion of Medicaid Planning That Hurts Spouses and Families

News Article

By  NAELA Publications
The NAELA Litigation Committee is interested in learning more from NAELA members about how our clients are being served or mis-served by these different arrangements.

NAELA Journal and NAELA News Call for Articles and Case Notes

NAELA Journal publishes substantive articles (5,000-10,000 words) on significant topics in elder law and special needs planning as well as case notes of significant state or federal cases that are of importance or interest to attorneys practicing elder law and special needs planning. Presentations at conferences can often translate into Journal articles, as can substantive briefs on issues being litigated in the trial courts or on appeal.

NAELA News welcomes shorter (500-1,500 words), substantive articles on elder law and special needs planning topics, case notes of significant state or federal cases, practice management, and practice development. Articles should deal with timely issues in elder law and special needs planning, provide how-to information, or be about a recent event of interest to the elder law and special needs planning community.

Articles are peer-reviewed and publication in NAELA Journal and NAELA News is a recognition of your expertise.

Possible topics for either publication include:
Aging in the Community
Health Care and Aging
Special Needs Planning
Ethical Issues
Mental Health and Aging
Multicultural Aging
Policy and Advocacy
Public Benefits
Case Notes
Other substantive topics of interest to attorneys practicing elder law and special needs planning. 

See the Guidelines for Submission for more information.