To  create good legal precedent for older Americans and people with disabilities, the Foundation awards grants to members, NAELA State Chapters, and nonprofit organizations who advocate or litigate issues that are of importance to NAELA members and the clients they serve.

Foundation Grants

All NAELA Foundation grant requests are first reviewed by NAELA’s Federal, State Advocacy or Litigation Steering Committees to ensure that the request is consistent with NAELA’s priorities. 

The relevant committee will make a recommendation to the Foundation Board of Trustees to fully fund, partially fund, or decline a request and submit a Grant Review Worksheet as part of their recommendation. 

Grant Criteria

When reviewing requests for Foundation grants for litigation or regulatory advocacy, the Board of Trustees will consider resources available and the following criteria: 

  • The matter has been identified as an area of focus by the NAELA Board for the current fiscal year.
  • The matter concerns issues of national significance or has potential precedential effect in many states, as opposed to matters turning on particular fact patterns or which only affect one state.
  • The matter is likely to favorably reform the law or regulation in an area affecting older adults and people with disabilities and to impact their legal rights in a significant way.
  • The matter is likely to prevent detrimental reform in the law or regulation in an area affecting older adults and people with disabilities and to impact their legal rights in a significant way.
  • If outside an identified area of focus, the matter affects the Elder Law Bar, as well as elder law and clients with disabilities
  • Whether the Foundation has provided a grant previously for the same or similar matter.
  • The financial viability of the project outside of NAELA grants, including the amount of funding being underwritten by the applicant, or sought or received from other organizations, state chapters or pro bono services.
  • The estimated overall budget.
  • The amount of time the attorneys are providing pro bono services to the matter.
  • The extent to which a NAELA Chapter or allied organization will be involved or has provided funding in the matter.
  • The individuals or entities seeking the grant have the necessary qualifications to pursue the matter to a successful conclusion.
  • The impact funding will have on the Foundation’s standing before NAELA membership, stakeholders in the aging/disability community, policymakers, and the general public.

A Special Considerations
  • Grant size: A grant cannot exceed more than 50% of the current 
  • Amicus:  Each year, a reserve will be set aside for amicus briefs which is not to exceed 20% of available grant funds with no individual request exceeding $5,000.  
  • Lobbying:  Grant requests that include a legislative advocacy component must clearly define and detail the expenses for that activity in the grant request, as funding lobbying requires special approval by Foundation Trustees and counsel to ensure funding such request is consistent with the Foundation’s tax exempt status and NAELA Foundation’s mission.
Foundation Grant Awardees 
Since 2014, NAELA Foundation has awarded more than $190,000 in grants and holds funds for several NAELA State Chapter Litigation Funds.

NAELA Foundation Grant Awardees

Center for Medicare Advocacy

Complaint on behalf of individuals who have lost health care have had to pay out-of-pocket or are subject to Medicaid estate recovery Read More

Colorado Fund for People With Disabilities

To confirm that individuals age 65 and older can establish and fund a pooled trust without penalty. Read More

NAELA Minnesota Chapter

Grant to MN NAELA to pursue litigation on DHS’ failure to publish administrative decisions under the Fair Hearings Read More

LTC COVID Crisis Litigation

Two new NAELA Foundation grants provide funding to Consumer Voice and Center for Public Representation Read More

Neighborhood Legal Services

To Neighborhood Legal Services, a provider of free civil legal services to low-income and elderly residents of Essex County, Mass. Read More

Estate of Marilyn Scheidecker v. Montana DPHHS

Estate of Marilyn Scheidecker v. Montana DPHHS, First Judicial District Court No. BDV-2019-1221 Read More

Elder Justice Coalition

In support of the Elder Justice Reauthorization Act (H.R. 2639)/Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act (S. 178). Read More

NAELA Connecticut Chapter, et al. v. Bremby

In support of the NAELA Connecticut Chapter, et al. v. Bremby Read More

Hefner and Dennison v. Palmer and Roberts

In support of Hefner and Dennison v. Palmer and Roberts. Read More

Richardson v. Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services

In support of Richardson v. Maine Dept. of Health and Human Services. Read More

"Through the Foundation we can expand NAELA’s impact through education, scholarships and advocacy. Please help us to continue our mission by continuing your support." - Stu Zimring, CAP, Fellow, Chair, NAELA Foundation
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