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Event Title - Town Hall: Guardianship During COVID-19 & Access To Clients Images/LunchandLearn/NAELA_Town_Hall_square.png
Thursday, August 06, 2020
Thursday, August 06, 2020
Guardianship during COVID-19 (part two): Access to Clients and Court Openings
Free to Members
Presenter:  Shannon Taylor from the Law Office of Shannon D. Taylor (Oklahoma City, OK) and James Owen of Owen Law Firm (Columbia, MO)
Description:  This town hall is part two of Guardianships during COVID-19. Attend this national town hall to learn more and ask questions to panelists of NAELA's Guardianship Section. Hear from panelists on the challenges of accessing clients or wards, particularly in situations with limited technology or in rural areas. Panelists will also discuss how their local court systems are approaching re-opening of the courts and the need for in-person hearings. Panelists will address the topics above and answer general questions about managing guardianship cases during this pandemic.
Dannie Larkin 703-942-5711 Ext. 229
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