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The Protected Consumer Credit Freeze: A New Tool by Clinical Law Professor Kate Mewhinney
All 50 states and the District of Columbia have Security Freeze Laws in place. Twenty-two states allow parents, legal guardians, or other representatives of minors to place a security freeze on the minor's credit report.

Special Needs Planning Tools by Joanne Marcus, MSW, and Theresa M. Varnet, MSW, JD
The ABLE Act allows an individual with a disability to have a tax-preferred savings account without jeopardizing his or her Medicaid and SSI eligibility. See a comparison chart of ABLE accounts and trusts at the end of this article.

Passive and Active Social Media Marketing for Lawyers by David Godfrey
A client for whom you have recently prepared an estate plan comes back to see you to seek your advice because she has recently been appointed as personal representative of her great uncle's estate pursuant to his last will and testament.

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