NAELA President's Award

Each year, the current NAELA President selects an outstanding individual to receive the President’s Recognition Award. NAELA will make a donation to the recipient’s organization of choice.

2019 The Seeing Eye Dog
2018 CHD Meadows Homes and Pathlight
2017 Patricia Ellis, Silver Key Senior Services
2016 Ellen Nalven, Planned Lifetime Assistance Network of New Jersey
2015 Colorado Fund for People with Disabilities
2014 Parkland Buddy Sports
2013 The Beechwood Home
2012 Holly Dykema, Stroke Association of Florida
2011 Kevin Urbatsch
2010 Valerie Bogart, The Evelyn Frank Legal Resources Program
2009 Doris Weber, LifeCare Planning, Inc.
2008 Rebecca C. Morgan
2007 Stuart Zimring, Esq.
2006 NAELA Medicaid Strategies Task Force
2005 Elizabethanne (Betsy) M. Angevine, Esq.
2004 Edwin Boyer, CELA
2003 John J. Wargo, CELA
2002 Thomas Begley, Jr., CELA
2001 Burton Fretz (posthumously)
2000 Mr. Booth - Greensboro, SC
1999 National Senior Citizens Law Center - Washington, DC
1998 Vincent Russo, CELA
1997 Charlotte Brayer (posthumously)
1996 Senior Silver Care Program - Colorado Springs, CO
1995 Brookings Institution - New York, NY
1994 Helen Cohn Needham, CELA