NAELA Chapters

NAELA Chapters bring many of the same NAELA benefits to a local level by focusing on state specific issues. One of the most important benefits is the listserv. As a private attorney, your chapter membership automatically gives you access to the listserv, member pricing on events and a space in chapter directories.

Current members of NAELA are eligible to join individual State Chapters from the following list. If you are interested in joining a Chapter, download and complete the Existing Member Chapter Application, link below. Chapter membership is on a calendar year January through December.

Contact NAELA Membership or go to the chapter membership page for more information. 

ChapterPresidentPicture Logo
Arizona ChapterDaniel J. Mazza19506
Colorado ChapterMarco D. Chayet10014
Connecticut ChapterSteven Rubin, CELA16037
Florida Chapter (AFELA)Heather Campbell Kirson7959
Georgia ChapterSarah Randal Watchko, CELA8147
Indiana ChapterAnna Howard16324
Kansas ChapterJennifer D. Walters16227
Kentucky ChapterMelissa J. Crump17991
Massachusetts ChapterCathleen H. Summers10544
Maryland/DC ChapterElena Sallitto, CELA7477
Michigan ChapterKelli M. King-Penner21486
Minnesota ChapterDavid Rephan2304
Minnesota ChapterChristopher Kradle23753
Missouri ChapterPaul M. Gantner8350
California, Northern ChapterRachel H. Rosenfeld21243
North Carolina ChapterCharlotte-Anne T. Alexander13495
New Jersey ChapterDaniel J. Jurkovic, CELA1126
New York ChapterFern J. Finkel4602
Ohio ChapterMaggie L. Sutton, CELA19899
Oklahoma ChapterDenis P. Rischard14898
Pennsylvania ChapterTammy A. Weber, CELA3588
Rhode Island ChapterLaura G. Handwerger4523
California, Southern ChapterM. Justin McDermott20647
Texas ChapterBryn Anne Poland5295
Virginia ChapterScott N. Alperin14298
Vermont ChapterDanielle D. Fogarty3443
Washington ChapterJoshua Pops16996
Wisconsin ChapterBrenda R. Haskins6989