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Training and Other Programs

  • β€˜Til Death Do We Part – Estate Planning During the Client's Lifetime
    Attendees will learn substantive legal and ethics issues – as well as best practices – from leading industry professionals with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in trust and estate law.

    The program contains ten 60-minute eLearning sessions:
    • Session 1: Introduction to Estate Planning, January 30
    • Session 2: Drafting Documents, February 13
    • Session 3: Key Provisions in Wills and Revocable Trusts I, February 27
    • Session 4: Key Provisions in Wills and Revocable Trusts II, March 13
    • Session 5: Powers of Attorney, April 24
    • Session 6: Witnessing Documents, May 22
    • Session 7: Best Practices and Ethical Issues in Estate Planning, June 12
    • Session 8: Family Law/Elder Law Overlap, July 10
    • Session 9: Life Insurance and 401(k)s, July 31
    • Session 10: Immediate Pre-Mortem Planning, August 14
    Attendees can register for the entire series or individual sessions. As a special offer, those who register for the entire Paralegal eLearning Program series will receive complimentary Associate membership in both the ABA and the Section of Real Property, Trust & Estate Law.

    For additional information on RPTE Section membership, visit the RPTE website.