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August 21, 2017
Another Session Added -  Signs and Symptoms that Client Finances are Off Track
Presented by:  Sheri Samotin, MBA
By comprehending the warning signs that a client’s finances may be off track, financial risk and the potential for undue influence and harm to the elderly or vulnerable adult can be avoided. This session will provide tools for attorneys to identify and prevent such situations. In addition, we will introduce specific, actionable steps attorneys can take or advise their clients to take including using outside professionals

August 3, 2017
Session Added - Migratory Planning for Snowbirds and Jet-Setters: Will Your Documents Fly?          
Presented by:  Vanessa Kanaga, J.D.
An increasing number of people are spending significant time in multiple states.  Working-age adults often have careers that require them to travel for extended periods, or maintain homes in multiple jurisdictions.  This presentation will highlight some of the questions and problems estate planners must consider when drafting documents for those clients, with a particular focus on issues relating to financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, and advance directives.  A brief discussion of issues relating to testamentary planning, as well as income tax issues, will also be included.

July 24. 2017
Announcing Keynote Speaker - Susan W. Tolle, M.D.          
Join us for the Summit's opening session, "What Is POLST? How Can It Help My Client And Their Family?" Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) use is in a growing number of states. For clients with advanced illness and frailty, they turn advance directives into action as medical orders; assuring treatment preferences near the end of life are honored. Find out more about POLST use any many other practical sessions at this year's NAELA Summit.

June,1 2017
30 Sessions To Help You and Your Practice
This year's NAELA Summit features quality sessions on trusts, long term care planning, practice development and legal document management. Come see why this is a Can't Miss Event.

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