Welcome to the NAELA Community!

More than two decades of networking has taught NAELA the value of bringing people together – through face-to-face meetings, virtual meetings, state chapters, and specialty Sections. As a complement to these connections, NAELA is launching the NAELA Community.

The NAELA Community is made up of many Groups. The Members Group is where all NAELA members can network and share information. There are also over 40 specialty Groups from NAELA Sections to State Chapters. Through the Participants e-mail list in each Group, you will easily be able to communicate with an entire Group or selected members of the Group by e-mail with just a click. And through the Group Library, you’ll be able to share documents, forms, interesting websites, book reviews, and stories about yourself with members of the Group. And all this will be stored online for your access 24/7. Imagine not having to keep track of e-mails and attachments anymore.

The NAELA Community is new. Sign in today, explore the Groups, check out the libraries and forums. Be part of this new adventure and help the NAELA Community grow.


The following will help you get started.

1.The NAELA Community -- Getting Started

2. Set Up Your Profile

3. Using "My Groups"

4. Using Groups

5. Using the "My Page" tab

6. How to Use Your Group's Listserv and Listserv Email Archive

7. How to Change the E-mail Delivery Address and Manage Delivery Options for Your Listserv Communications