The NAELA Community -- Getting Started

Your first step to start participating in the NAELA Communities is to log on to the NAELA website from the home page. Once you’ve logged on, you’ll see the Communities tab in the top menu bar. The Communities tab is only viewable to active members who have logged on to the website.

If you have never logged on, use the email address you now have in your NAELA membership record as your Logon, your password is "naela2010" (no spaces no capitilization). You can change this when you edit your profile by going to Membership > My Account > ID & Password. (If you need assistance with your logon, contact or call 703-942-5711.)

Click on the Communities tab. If you have never accessed the NAELA Community, you will first need to join the Community by agreeing to the Terms of Use for the NAELA Community.

Check both boxes and click Agree & Enter.



You then need to verify some information about yourself. Then click Agree & Enter. 

This will bring you to the home page for the NAELA Community.

Next Step: Set Up Your Profile.