Who Can Join NAELA?

Criteria for Membership

  • Membership is open to attorneys and all those who possess a juris doctorate or equivalent degree and are licensed or authorized to practice law under the jurisdiction of any country.
  • The attorney renders legal services for the benefit of the elderly and people with disabilities or is in an endeavor which encompasses the legal needs of the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • The attorney has an understanding of the aging process and sensitivity to the needs of the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • The attorney is committed to the highest standards of ethics in representing the needs or promoting the welfare of the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • The attorney has a working knowledge of the aging network and those services available through other agencies which benefit the elderly, or wishes to gain such knowledge.
  • The attorney has a commitment to positive involvement in the work of the Academy and its purposes.
  • The attorney, as a condition of membership, pledges to support the Academy's Aspirational Standards for the Practice of Elder Law.

Membership Dues Information

NAELA Membership  $495  (One time only discount for new members will be applied)  
Law Professor/Judge $415  (Not included in online directory) 
LSC program/Title III  $295  (Not included in online directory) 
New Bar Admittees  $295  (First three years, 4th year dues are $495) 
Law Students      $75  (Full time only - not included in print & online directory) 

NAELA State Chapters

Members of NAELA are eligible to join the chapter of their choice. National NAELA membership is a requirement for state chapter membership. Please visit our chapter page to view chapter presidents and dues amount. As a chapter member you are eligible to participate on your chapter's member listserv and utlize other community tools.

NAELA's state chapters sponsor continuing legal education programs, publish newsletters and maintain internet-based databases and libraries. NAELA's innovative state chapters lead grassroots efforts in advocating for the elderly and individuals with disabilities. Chapter officers distribute copies of legislation, sample letters to representatives and senators, as well as consistent public policy updates on an as needed basis. Chapter membership offers promotional opportunities via public access, state-specific membership directories. Leadership opportunities are available to members willing to serve on Chapter committees or serve as a Chapter officer or president.

NAELA Sections

Once you join NAELA, you have the opportunity to participate in nine distinctive Sections, providing information and networking capabilities specific to your practice and areas of interest. NAELA currently has Sections in the following areas: Advocacy/Litigation, Government Assistance Programs, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Health Care, Practice Success, Special Needs Law, Tax, Trusts and Special Needs Trusts, and Young/New Attorneys. For a minimal yearly fee, you will receive articles, cases, newsletters and other publications related to the specific topic of your chosen Section. In addition section members have access to substantive networking tools including listserv, section libraries and collaborative tools.

Join Now 


Membership is based on the calendar year from January - December. We are in the process of preparing for the 2018 membership year and will be extending early 2018 memberships shortly. 

If you are interested in joining today, please contact the NAELA Membership Department or give us a call at (703) 942-5711 ext. 222 so that we can match which membership option works best for you.

If you would like to wait and join online, our join now feature will be up and online November 1, 2018.  


Membership Inquiries
Member Services Manager
Trish Fratarcangelo
703-942-5711 #222