Exclusively Offered to NAELA Members Eight Sections For Substantive Networking

Once you join NAELA, you have the opportunity to participate in eight distinctive Sections, providing information and networking capabilities specific to your practice and areas of interest. NAELA currently has Sections in the following areas: Advocacy/Litigation, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Medicaid and Health Care Advocacy, Practice Development & Management, Special Needs Law, Tax, Trusts and Special Needs Trusts, and New/Transitioning Attorneys. For a minimal yearly fee, you will receive information related to the specific topic of your chosen Section. As a member of the Section, you will have access to a specific section listserv to connect and share with your fellow Section members. 

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Advocacy/Litigation Section
Chair: Valerie A. Powers Smith

This section addresses the interests of members who are involved in all types of advocacy and litigation efforts as part of their Elder Law practice. Annual Fee: $60.

Guardianship/Conservatorship Section
Chair: Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, CAP

This Section explores the issues related to the legal adjudication of capacity, the administration of guardianship estates, and the guardian's fiduciary liability as well as the attorney's fiduciary liability in the guardianship process. Through case law and other related materials, Section members network by sharing information. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

Medicare, Medicaid and Health Care Advocacy
Chair: Lori Parker

This section offers, among other things, the opportunity to delve more deeply into issues related to Medicaid and Medicare... and beyond. Virtually every health care issue arises from a context of governmental edicts, regulations and funding. The section will provide a forum for examination and critique of other health care policy issues of interest to NAELA members and our clients. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

Practice Development/Practice Management Section
Chair: Leonard E. Mondschein, CELA, CAP

As an Elder Law Attorney, how do you promote your firm and the services you offer? Learn proven marketing tips and strategies from NAELA's membership and experts in the field. The Practice Development/Practice Management Section publishes its own newsletter, News You Can Use, and provides actual samples of brochures, publications and other marketing tools which have proven to be effective to members of the Section. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

Tax Section
Chair: Donna J. Jackson

The purpose of the Tax Section is to keep members advised on significant tax developments impacting elder law, trusts and estates and related practice areas and to develop a "user friendly" forum for NAELA's active tax practitioners and for those NAELA members interested in developing their practices to include tax related matters. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

Special Needs Law Section
Chair: Patricia E. Kefalas Dudek, CAP, Fellow and Theresa M. Varnet

The Special Needs Law Section focuses on the many aspects of special needs law, including many areas you either may have forgotten or never have known. The Section will develop a Best of NAELA series on special needs law as well as a telephonics series. Learn the latest in special needs law from the experts. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

Trusts and Special Needs Trusts Section
Chair: David L. McGuffey, CELA, CAP

Keep yourself up-to-date on the latest cases involving trusts and related matters. Section members will share cases and analysis of cases they have been involved with as well as other articles on developments dealing with Trusts. Annual Fee: $60. Download this form to join now

New/Transitioning Attorneys Section
Chair: Paul M. Gantner

The New/Transitioning Attorneys Section is for new attorneys (or attorneys new to NAELA). It's primary focus is to network with other attorneys new to Elder and Special Needs Law and to provide a resource other than the member listserv to ask questions of others in relatively similar situations. Membership in this Section is free and limited to those who have been attorneys for less than 10 years or who have been a member of NAELA for less than two years.

As a function of free member benefits, this section is offered to new members free of charge. You can simply email to have staff activate this section for you.


Section Communities and Forums

If you are a current NAELA member and would like to join any of these sections, download this form.

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