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The New NAELA News CAPsules Column: Words of Wisdom from a CAP 

By April D. Hill, CELA, CAP
Published September 7, 2021
An invitation to all CAP members to contribute to this new column.

In case you did not know, there is a group within NAELA called CAPs. We are the Council of Advanced Practitioners. CAPs have been selected because we’ve served the elder law community for years, gained reputations for being highly ethical and committed to the field. This group, as a whole, has amassed a treasure trove of wisdom and written many articles for the NAELA News CAPsules section as well as for other NAELA publications. While CAPs have shared their substantive knowledge and law practice management insights, their most valued offering is their hard-earned wisdom.

It is with this realization that the CAPsules column is making a shift to a format that should help the entire NAELA community. This concept is not about sharing my “big fish” stories or rambling on about “young people today.” No one needs to spend their precious reading moments on unproductive topics. But, CAPs might be able to call themselves “sages” ready to help those coming up to enjoy a fast track on obtaining wisdom and avoiding some of the mistakes we’ve made. CAPs may have some nuggets to share and those nuggets could save you time, money, and even a night’s sleep. As CAPsules editor, I’m writing the first column, which will appear in the next issue of NAELA News. 

A Call for Articles
Today, I’m inviting all CAPs to reach out to me, to write an article of their own for this section. You can contact me at
About the Author
April D. Hill, CELA, CAP, is the NAELA News Capsules editor. Learn more about becoming a CAP.