Volume 35 Issue 3

Supported Decision-Making: Defending Liberty

By  Kathleen D. Hayes, Esq.
Supported decision-making is a legal concept that promotes self-determination and serves as an alternative to guardianship and conservatorship.

Family Meeting: Key to Successful Planning, but When and How Do You Carry One Out?

By  Rajiv Nagaich, CAP, Fellow, and April D. Hill, CELA, CAP
We wrote this article together knowing we are both firm believers in the benefits of family meetings for our clients, yet we do not totally agree on how a family meeting should look or be carried out.

Leading With Vision, Integrity, and Courage

By  Marielle F. Hazen, CELA, Fellow
Meet NAELA's 36th President, Bridget O'Brien Swartz, Esq.

The New Frontier: Planning for Aging and Disability in a Post-Pandemic Era

By  Bridget O’Brien Swartz, Esq.
The pandemic is over! Although behind us, what has resulted is a new normal. In the context of elder and special needs law, the pandemic revealed existing vulnerabilities and created new ones for the populations we serve and with which we work.

NAELA 2023 Annual Conference Wrap-Up

By  Andrew R. Boyer, Esq.
NAELA's 2023 Annual Conference featured highly rated sessions, quality networking, and valuable information for attorneys and their practices.

NAELA 2023 Annual Conference Session Reviews

By  Terry Berthelot, MSW, JD
A brief synopsis of some of the many outstanding sessions at NAELA's 2023 Annual Conference.

President's Message: NAELA’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

By  Bridget O’Brien Swartz, Esq.
Equipping attorneys for the complexity of elder and special needs law.

Chief Executive Officer’s Message: High Tech or High Touch?

By  C. Grace Whiting, JD
Surviving the artificial intelligence boom.

Jul/Aug/Sep 2023

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