Volume 33 Issue 2

NAELA's Eight Super Sections

By  Leonard Mondschein, CELA, CAP; and Judith M. Flynn, CELA
Each of the eight NAELA Sections has its own “super” power, bringing Section members learning and networking opportunities with a topic-specific focus.

Guardianship Section: Saving Charlie: Divorce in the Context of Guardianship

By  Shari Polur, Esq.
What Charlie ultimately needed was something we could not procure for him: his freedom. Kentucky, like the majority of states, barred guardians from initiating divorces on behalf of their wards.

Practice Development/Practice Management Section: I Hate Selling Syndrome

By  John R. Frazier, Esq., and Henry Harlow
Do you hate selling? Should you hate selling? What does “selling” mean, anyway? How does hating selling affect your client service and revenue? If you decided to learn to love selling, how would you go about developing that love? Read on.

Planning Options for Disabled Individuals Over 65 Years Old and Over

By  Robert P. Mascali, Esq.
Individuals over the age of 65 have limited options to receive and influx cash and not jeopardize their Medicaid and SSI benefits.

Featured Member: Michele P. Fuller

By  Kevin Urbatsch, Esq.
Michele incorporates her passion for life, her sense of humor, and her core beliefs in integrity and helping others into every facet of her daily routine.

2021 Annual Conference Wrap Up

By  Brenna Galvin, Esq., and Beth McDaniel, CELA
More than 350 elder and special needs law attorneys registered to virtually attend NAELA’s 2021 Annual Conference, which took place March 24-26, 2021.

2021 Annual Conference Seminar Reviews

By  Eric Einhart, Esq.; Len Mondschein, CELA, CAP; and April D. Hill, CELA, CAP
Seminar reviews from the 2021 NAELA Annual Conference

President's Message: I'm Excited About the Future of NAELA

By  Wendy Shparago Cappelletto, Esq., CAP
The past year was a year like no other. Most of us struggled with the anxiety of managing our lives during a pandemic while being isolated from extended family and friends.

Changes to Medicaid HCBS and Tax Policy For 2021

By  Erica Asbell, Esq.
Since January 2021, we have started a nationwide vaccine rollout and a change of presidential administration.

Apr/May/Jun 2021

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