NAELA Journal Volume 18 Issue 1 e-Issue

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Older Workforce

By  Angela Coco
The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has taken a historic toll on American workers, especially those who are older.

Estate Planning for Muslim Clients

By  Yaser Ali, Esq.
This article is intended to assist the practitioner in designing an estate plan that achieves a Muslim client’s wishes

Spousal Refusal and Medicaid Planning

By  Donna S. Harkness, JD, CELA
This article focuses on what is known as spousal refusal, referring to situations in which the community spouse owns excess assets and refuses or is unavailable to help the institutionalized spouse qualify for Medicaid benefits.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities: What You Should Know

By  Yvonne Troya, JD
It is important for elder law attorneys and their clients to understand the extent of control clients may be giving up when joining an entrance fee CCRC.

Moving Diversity Forward

By  Amanda C. Hsiao, Esq.
Moving Diversity Forward is a consciousness-raising manual designed to help legal professionals

Women Rowing North

By  Joanne Barry Spellane, Esq.
Mary Pipher teaches women that they continue to learn and grow throughout their lives, and the older years should be no different.

Spring 2022

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