NAELA Journal Volume 14 Issue 2 e-Issue

Disability, Poverty, and the Policy Behind the ABLE Act

By  Nancy Susan Germany, Esq.
This article reviews how the ABLE account came into existence, compares ABLE accounts with special needs trusts (SNTs), and discusses ABLE account legal requirements, how various federal agencies have interpreted ABLE accounts, and the options availa

Representing Children with Learning Disabilities

By  Brian F. Mahoney, Esq.
This article will provide NAELA members with an overview of the law as it relates to special education and will demonstrate the application of the law as it relates to the author's personal experience.

Social Security Retirement Benefits: A Timing Model for Working Families

By  Francine J. Lipman and James E. Williamson
With more than 61 million individuals receiving Social Security benefits, one out of every four American families receives monthly cash payments from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect and the Nursing Home Reform Act: An Overview

By  Jeffrey A. Pitman, Esq., and Katherine E. Metzger, Esq.
This article provides an overview of the most prevalent types of abuse and neglect that occur in the nursing home setting, discusses the ways in the which the original OBRA-87 reforms have attempted to address them, and alerts the reader to new chang

The Intersection of Tort Law and Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Litigation

By  David J. Hoey, Esq.
This article identifies and describes some of the lesser-known aspects associated with litigating personal injury claims against nursing homes in the current industry climate.

Book Review: Alzheimer’s and the Law: Counseling Clients With Dementia and Their Families

By  Launa L. Slater, Esq.
Alzheimer’s and the Law: Counseling Clients With Dementia and Their Families is a handbook designed to give attorneys the knowledge they need to skillfully and empathetically guide clients and their families through the arduous journey of dealing wit

Book Review: Hospital Warrior: How to Get Care for Your Loved One

By  Sarah M. Andrew, CELA
Many people facing hospitalization may rightly feel as though they are going into battle without armor or weapon. Bonnie Friedman wrote Hospital Warrior to level the battlefield.

Book Review: When I Need Your Help, I'll Let You Know and Other Senior Myths That Can Lead to

By  Amanda Hsiao, Esq.
“When I Need Your Help, I’ll Let You Know” And Other Senior Myths That Can Lead to Disaster is on a tough-love, mythbusting mission to help seniors and families confront and prepare for the realities of aging in the United States.

Fall 2018


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