NAELA Journal Volume 13 Issue 2

Assisted Suicide: Is the Cruzan Unqualified State Interest in the Preservation of Human Life a Leg

By  Rebecca Critser
This article focuses on one of the Glucksberg state interests, the unqualified interest in preserving human life. Specifically, this article argues that the unqualified interest in the preservation of human life is not a legitimate state interest.

Affordable and Accessible Hearing Health for Seniors

By  Professor Mary Helen McNeal
This article evaluates opportunities for enhancing hearing health and for making hearing assistance more accessible and affordable for a growing population of seniors. It recommends options for improved access to over-the-counter (OTC) devices, incre

From the Fairway to the Roadway

By  Genesis Matute Smith
This article argues that the Florida statutes governing golf cars and LSV's are inadequate to protect public safety and must be revised to address the growing problem of their unsafe operation on public roadways.

Case Note: The State of Attorney Fees After Hughes v. McCarthy

By  Dustan Lorimer
In Hughes v. McCarthy, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, Eastern Division, held, “[T]he $435 hourly rate of compensation requested by Plaintiffs for Attorneys Browning and Meyer is not within the reasonable hourly rate of com

Case Note: Nay v. Department of Human Services

By  Darin J. Dooley, Attorney at Law
On December 15, 2016, the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed the Oregon Court of Appeals decision in Nay v. Department of Human Services, upholding the invalidity of administrative rules Oregon adopted in 2008 to reach assets conveyed to a spouse or other

Case Note: Actuarial Soundness, the Meaning of Commensurate, and a Sniff Test

By  Thomas E. Simmons
When the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (DRA) went into effect in 2006, it imposed wide-ranging changes to Medicaid eligibility rules.

Book Review: The Good Doctor: A Father, a Son, and the Evolution of Medical Ethics

By  Shelley D. Coelho, Esq.
The Good Doctor is a factually dense memoir written by Barron Lerner, MD, a physician, historian, and son of Philip Lerner, MD.

Book Review: Old Age: A Beginner’s Guide

By  Carol Cioe Klyman, Esq.
This collection of essays, some of which appeared in The New Yorker magazine, is a deeply personal book by a gifted and entertaining writer faced with a potentially monstrous old age.

Fall 2017


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