NAELA Journal Volume 12 Issue 2

Asset Protection Planning for Blended Families

By  Letha Sgritta McDowell, CELA, and Jonathan G. Blattmachr
The phrase “asset protection planning” means a variety of things depending on who is asking for protection and the type of professional who hears the question.

The Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act

By  Suzanne Brown Walsh, JD, and Catherine Anne Seal, CELA, CAP, Fellow
In the past, fiduciaries responsible for managing people’s assets could easily marshal, collect, and manage these assets.

The Culture Change Movement in Long-Term Care

By  Laci Cornelison, LBSW, LACHA, MS
In a time when our population is aging at the fastest rate in history, a movement is under way to change the culture of long-term care.

Dementia and Consent for Sex Reconsidered

By  Gayle Doll
The ability of an individual to consent to intimate acts is measured by his or her performance on cognitive tests, but these narrowly defined tests may not even detect functional decision-making capacity, such as the ability to choose what to...

Case Note: Heyn v. Director of the Office of Medicaid

By  Lisa M. Neeley
In 2003, Everlenna Roche established and funded the Everlenna R. Roche Irrevocable Trust. The irrevocable trust provided Roche with the ability to receive distributions of income generated by the assets of the trust. She was prohibited from receiving

Book Review: What We Can Learn From Other Countries

By  Charles P. Golbert
As our world continues to become smaller, guardianship issues are becoming more global. Increasingly, guardians find themselves managing assets in other countries and serving people with family and significant contacts in other countries.

Book Review: International and Comparative Law

By  Thomas E. Simmons
A terse preface and a hefty appendix of charters and protocols frame the 29 individually authored chapters collected in the recently published International and Comparative Law on the Rights of Older Persons.

Fall 2016

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