NAELA Journal Volume 11 Issue 1

Report on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

By  Scott Solkoff, CELA
More than a year after full implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), this article summarizes the ACA’s fundamental consumer components and covers the state of the law, what has been learned over the last year, and how i

The Affordable Care Act and the Continued Commoditization of Elder Law

By  E. Spencer Ghazey-Bates, CELA
The bane of any industry or profession is its reduction into obsolescence. The legal profession is no exception. The past decade has seen an explosion of access to information because of the Internet.

Where Do We Go From Here? Long-Term Care in the Age of the Baby Boomers

By  Shana Siegel, CELA, and Neil T. Rimsky, CELA, CAP
We have yet to meet a client who wants to spend his or her final years in a nursing home. Instead, aging in place has become the new meme of senior living.

Inclusive Design and Elder Housing Solutions for the Future

By  Thomas Hall
As the number of Americans age 65 and older rapidly grows, society faces the challenge of housing an aging population.

Book Review: The Caregivers

By  Bruce Brightwell, Esq.
America’s elderly population is increasing as baby boomers become senior citizens.

Book Review: Psychology for Lawyers

By  Tamara Trujillo, Esq.
Psychology for Lawyers, published by the American Bar Association, is divided into two halves. The first focuses on psychology’s application to everyday life, including strategies and techniques to receive and evaluate information, make decisions...

Case Note: Saccone v. Board of Trustees

By  Ron M. Landsman, Esq., CAP
In Saccone v. Board of Trustees of the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System,1 the New Jersey Supreme Court held that the survivor benefit for the disabled child of a firefighter, Thomas Saccone, could be directed by the parent to a first-party spec

Spring 2015


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