NAELA Journal Volume 9 Issue 1

Introduction to Symposium on the Future of Elder and Special Needs Law

By  Charles P. Golbert, Esq.
This year marks NAELA's 25th anniversary. To celebrate, NAELA is pleased to present a two-part symposium on the future of Elder and Special Needs Law.

Exploring the Future of Elder and Special Needs Law

By  William J. Brisk, CELA, and Whitney A. Alexander, Esq.
One of the reasons for NAELA’s continuing vitality is the fact that, more than most lawyers, our members embrace the future and are constantly considering new ways to practice our profession.

Medicare’s Future: Letting the Affordable Care Act Work, While Learning From the Past

By  Alfred J. Chiplin Jr., Esq. and Bethany J. Lilly, Esq.
This article will provide an overview of the policy debate that led to the creation of the Medicare program.

W(h)ither Medicaid

By  Jason A. Frank, CELA, CAP
Part I of this article looks at what the world would actually look like for those needing long-term care if there were no Medicaid.

Online Threats to Senior Safety: The Direct-to-Consumer Medical Marketplace and eElder Abuse

By  Kimberly M. Lovett, MD, and Timothy K. Mackey, MAS
US Census data shows that the senior population (individuals over 65 years old) is growing rapidly and outpacing younger generations.

A Brave New World Awaits: The Elder and Special Needs Law Practice of the Future

By  Thomas Caffrey and Mary WanderPolo, CELA, CAP
Today it is the odd attorney who does not have a computer, laser printer, scanner, cell phone, portable personal device (e.g., iPhone, Blackberry, iPad) to assist in meeting the needs of the client.

Digital Planning: The Future of Elder Law

By  Gerry W. Beyer, JD, LLM, JSD, and Naomi Cahn, JD, LLM
More than half of individuals over the age of 65 use the Internet or e-mail — and they are a fast-growing population on the Internet.

Book Review: How A Demographic Trend Will Impact Elder Law­ — Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and

By  Charles P. Golbert, Esq.
For the first time in history, significant numbers of people are choosing to live alone.

Case Note: Lopes v. Department of Social Services

By  E. Spencer Bates, Esq.
In Lopes v. Department of Social Services, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit ruled that a nonassignable single premium annuity purchased by the community spouse of a Connecticut long-term care Medicaid applicant was not an asset subjec

Case Note: A Second Look at Marmet Health Care Center v. Brown

By  Ron M. Landsman, Esq., CAP
A recent NAELA Journal review of Marmet Health Care Center v. Brown suggested that Marmet reflected a business-oriented defense of nursing homes, allowing them to profit from preventable negligence causing injury and death.

Spring 2013


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