NAELA Journal Volume 3 Issue 1

Navigating the Uniform Power of Attorney Act
By Linda S. Whitton, JD
The Uniform Power of Attorney Act (the "Act") was approved by the Uniform Law Commission in July 2006 and is currently under review for enactment in a number of states.

Post-Eligibility Transfer
By Michael J. Millonig, CELA
The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has indicated that transfers by a community spouse (CS) after a determination of eligibility for the institutional spouse (IS) may be treated as a transfer causing ineligibility for the IS.

Isolation as a Domestic Violence Tactic in Later Life Cases: What Attorneys Need to Know
By Betsy Abramson, JD; Bonnie Brandl, MSW; Tess Meuer, JD; and Jane Raymond, MS
Many older adults lead active lives and have frequent interactions with friends, neighbors and family. However, some older adults who lack a strong social network become isolated.

Family Aging and the Practice of Elder Law: A Financial Gerontology Perspective
By Janice I. Wassel, PhD, RFG, and Neal E. Cutler, PhD
Financial Gerontology is an emerging field that brings applied social gerontological education to financial services professionals.

White Paper
Annuity Policy: Consumer Protection Issues and Public Policy Recommendations
Prepared by the NAELA Annuity Task Force
Annuities have become one of the most popular investment choices of America's senior population, but also tend to be misunderstood by those who purchase them and even by those who sell them.

Spring 2007


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