NGA Agency Standards

In 2007, the NGA adopted its Standards for Agencies and Programs Providing Guardianship Services “Agency Standards.” See National Guardianship Association Standards for Agencies.   The Preamble to these Standards indicate that the purpose of the Standards is to provide guidance for programs striving to provide quality guardianship services.   The standards are written broadly, so that the principles may be applied to any agency or program, regardless of its size or structure. While aspirational, the standards convey good business practice that agencies and states should consider adopting into policy or law.

The 2007 Agency Standards compliment the NGA Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics by defining additional NGA standards for acceptable business practice and program design for non-family guardians who are developing or operating agencies or programs providing professional guardianship services.  Like the NGA Standards of Practice, the Agency standards constitute what is considered best practice in guardianship.

The eight Agency Standards cover the following areas of practice:

  • Standard 1.  Adherence to the Model Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice
  • Standard 2.  Operating Standards
  • Standard 3.  Personnel Standards
  • Standard 4.  Fiscal Standards
  • Standard 5.  Program Services Standards
  • Standard 6.  Quality Improvement
  • Standard 7.  Grievance Procedures
  • Standard 8.  Critical Incidents