Does Your Client Have a Pension? (2019)

NAELA Summit 2019
While many elder law attorneys are familiar with the workings of defined contribution (e.g. 401(k)) plans, traditional pension plans are a whole different animal. The Pension Rights Center is a national non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and promoting retirement security for all Americans. It receives thousands of requests for assistance every year from individuals seeking help with pension and retirement issues, and works with partner organizations nationwide to resolve pressing issues affecting individuals’ ability to access their earned retirement benefits. For this reason, the Center has a handle on the most current obstacles preventing America’s retirees from obtaining their pension benefits. In this session you’ll learn about tracking down hard-to-find pension benefits, what happens to pension benefits at divorce or death, what happens when the pension plan doesn’t have the money to pay out benefits, and what to do if you think the benefit has been miscalculated. Presented by Emily Spreiser
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