The NAELA Foundation approved a grant of $5,000 to the Elder Justice Coalition, of which NAELA is a founding member and continuing supporter, to support its efforts to gain passage of the Elder Justice Reauthorization Act (H.R. 2639)/Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act (S. 178). The EJRA legislation is currently pending before the House of Representatives Committees on Energy and Commerce, Education and the Workforce, Ways and Means, and Judiciary. The EAPPA legislation is pending before the full Senate. Reauthorization of the Elder Justice Act would authorize funding for elder abuse detection, prevention, and prosecution. This funding has not been authorized since 2014, making it easy for appropriators to neglect to fund these programs. Funding for these programs could greatly reduce the amount of elder abuse in this country, which would specially impact NAELA members and clients. The EAPPA’s passage would help provide legal and financial resources to elder abuse prosecutors, APS, and ombudsmen.