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TALK TOPIC DESCRIPTION: The traditional NAELA UnProgram is a forum for you to talk about what is important to you – with your peers. There are no lecturers or teachers, only experienced moderators. Registrants establish the agenda, creating an innovative design that encourages discussion and learning through idea sharing and collaboration. You will gain in real-life examples of how others have masters or dealt with these situations. Understanding that not everyone has the same need on every topic, there will be in-depth reviews of some as well as a more general approach on others. The UnProgram is your opportunity to expand your practical knowledge. Is it also your opportunity to increase your technical knowledge of California law and other topics you happen to be very experienced in.

Speaker: Valerie Peterson
Company/Title: CEO, ElderCounsel
Talk Topic Description:
The VA made sweeping changes to the VA pension eligibility rules that went into effect October 18, 2018. This session will provide an overview of the new rules, with a focus on planning opportunities available to elder law practitioners and their clients under the new rules.

Speaker: James (Jim) Morgan
Company/Title: Partner, Lanzone Morgan, LLP
Talk Topic Description:
If you have a client who is or was in a nursing home or assisted living facility, chances are they are going to complain to you about the facility. Listen to those complaints. Ask questions. If they complain about bedsores, falls/fractures, dehydration, malnutrition, infections, etc., they may have a case for elder abuse or neglect against the facility. Don’t overlook what might be the most valuable asset of your client’s estate.