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Next Year's Conference

Our Annual Conference next year will be in Toronto, Canada! Email to get on the advance list and be the first to find out the details!

Upcoming Events

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Transition Planning For Young Adults with Disabilities: What the Family Needs to do When the Yellow Bus Stops
Special Education Attorney, Adrienne Arkontaky, will provide you with tools and a roadmap to help you navigate the special education services system when working with young adult clients aging out of educational supports. This webinar will include an interview with a fellow attorney who has been through this process both personally and professionally. ... Details
When: June 16, 2021
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Please join Dennis Sandoval for a discussion of Inherited IRAs, the SECURE Act and the intricacies of obtaining maximum deferral of distributions from an Individual Retirement Account or other retirement plan made payable to a special needs trust (or other trust payable to a special needs person or chronically ill individual). Learn the requirements for a designated beneficiary trust, why a special needs trust must be drafted as an accumulation trust and traps to avoid when drafting... Details
When: June 10, 2021
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We are delighted to offer the opportunity to attend our 13th Annual WINAELA UNprogram. This year's event will be held in person on June 10 and 11, 2021 at the Landmark Resort in Egg Harbor. Registration will be $200 and limited to 40 attendees. This year only (we hope) we have to make some changes in order to promote health and safety. Please click on the details to view the schedule and... Details
When: June 10–11, 2021
Where: Egg Harbor, WI
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This presentation will explore how interns can be used in your elder law practice, including defining the role of an intern in your practice, mutual benefits, hiring, on-boarding, off-boarding, and transitioning to full-time employee status. Presented by John B. Henry, III, Esq.

Time: Friday May 21st 1:00 PM Eastern Noon Central Time

Registration Fee: Free for TX NAELA Chapter... Details
When: May 21, 2021
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Crowdfunding has come of age, and the process for many platforms has undergone plenty of change. We will discuss pre-planning opportunities to protect Medicaid eligibility and the more common "damage control" when your client's crowdfunding account is underway, how it will impact Medicaid eligibility and whether third party trust status can be accomplished. Presented by Mary Alice Jackson

Time: Friday April 16th 1:00 PM Eastern.

Registration Fee: Free for ... Details
When: April 16, 2021