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Doris E. Hawks, CAP, Fellow
295 Silvia Dr. Los Altos, CA 94024


Getting Medicare to Pay for Care at Homegetting Medicare to pay for care at home
Featured Member: The Consummate Professional: Fay BlixIn November 2001, those in attendance at the luncheon when Fay Blix was presented the NAELA Powley Award were moved to tears by her remarks.
Elder Law Attorneys and the Shifting Boundaries of Loyalty: 2008 Clifton B. Kruse, Jr. Ethics LecturProfessor Lawrence J. Fox will deliver the Clifton Kruse, Jr. ethics lecture through an interactive hypothetical program demonstrating the loyalty of of lawyers in Elder Law.
Aid and Attendance Pension Benefits for Veterans and Surviving Spouses: Effective MethodsAstute Elder Law attorneys should always ask one key question when planning for long-term care needs: Are you (or is your loved one) a veteran? Given the new planning challenges facing seniors now that provisions of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 have been implemented, veterans benefits can play a crucial role in planning for long-term care needs. Many veterans or surviving spouses of veterans (and their attorneys) are unaware that they could likely qualify for significant cash benefits under the improved pension program.
Former Oregon Representative Wins NAELA Student Writing ContestBilly Dalto, Salem, Ore., wrote the first-place 2011 NAELA Student Writing Competition essay, “How Oregon’s Elder Abuse Prevention Act Ups the Ante in State Securities Law Cases.”
Incorporating Medicare Into Your Practice, How to Make Money Doing ItAn Elder Law attorney should be able to advise clients on basic Medicare issues. Presenters will identify essential issues NAELA members need to advise clients regarding Medicare, with an emphasis on recent changes in the law and regulations. These issues include: Maximizing Medicare payments for skilled nursing care in a hospital and at home; Addressing Part D eligibility issues with emphasis on special concerns of the dually eligible: Means testing for Part B premiums; Hospice eligibility; Appeals, Getting paid, and Cross-marketing.
Difficult Decisions for Wards: Counseling Guardians About End-of-Life IssuesLearn how you can help guardians and conservators make decisions in the best interest of their wards at end of life and during other difficult times, using the ward's values and past choices as guides. Presented by two NAELA Powley Award recipients who have been honored for work in these areas within their respective communities and in development of public policy to improve the lives of elders and increase their access to appropriate health care.
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Gregory G. Gay, CELA, CAP

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Gregory G. Gay, CELA, CAP

Gregory Gay practices law in Florida’s Nature Coast focusing on the myriad of age-related elder law issues facing seniors and their loved ones today. One of only a handful of double board certified attorneys in the state of Florida in Wills, Trusts and Estates and Elder Law, Attorney Gay is also nationally recognized as a Certified Elder Law Attorney (CELA) by the National Elder Law Foundation. He is among the nation’s elite in the elder law ...