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Cynthia R. Cox, CELA, CAP
23326 Hawthorne Blvd, Ste 390 Torrance, CA 90505-3771
(310) 798-6150
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There Is No "I" In Team: The Ethical Elder Law TeamThis interactive workshop utilizes polling technology to give participants practical and ethical tips to assist lawyers and staff in creating a productive and professional team.
Higher Expectations But Lingering Problems Tips For Representing Residents of LTC FacilitiesPerson-centered care should be standard in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities but the reality usually falls far short. This session provides advocacy tips for representing residents in a variety of different situations along with an overview of recent policy developments to give context.
The Case of Parker: California’s Treatment of Pre-Conservatorship IndebtednessThis article discusses California Probate Code Section 2430, its predecessor the former Section 1858, California''s treatment of a conservatee''s indebtedness, and provides a brief survey of similar indebtedness statutes from around the United States.
CAPsules Can Establishing a Conservatorship/Guardianship Help Indebtedness?Sometimes a financial crisis is the reason a conservatorship/guardianship is established. Is there enough protection from creditors?
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Judith D. Grimaldi, CELA, CAP

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Judith D. Grimaldi, CELA, CAP

Elder Law; Medicaid planning with a focus on helping to set up home care services; Estate planning with expertise in Trusts and Will; Estate Administration and settling estates and trust distributions; Special Needs Planning, working with families who have adult children with disabilities and require trusts or guardianship's.