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Cynthia R. Cox, CELA, CAP
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There Is No "I" In Team: The Ethical Elder Law TeamThis interactive workshop utilizes polling technology to give participants practical and ethical tips to assist lawyers and staff in creating a productive and professional team.
Higher Expectations But Lingering Problems Tips For Representing Residents of LTC FacilitiesPerson-centered care should be standard in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities but the reality usually falls far short. This session provides advocacy tips for representing residents in a variety of different situations along with an overview of recent policy developments to give context.
The Case of Parker: California’s Treatment of Pre-Conservatorship IndebtednessThis article discusses California Probate Code Section 2430, its predecessor the former Section 1858, California''s treatment of a conservatee''s indebtedness, and provides a brief survey of similar indebtedness statutes from around the United States.
CAPsules Can Establishing a Conservatorship/Guardianship Help Indebtedness?Sometimes a financial crisis is the reason a conservatorship/guardianship is established. Is there enough protection from creditors?
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Ronald A. Fatoullah, CELA, Fellow, CAP

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Ronald A. Fatoullah, CELA, Fellow, CAP

Ronald Fatoullah & Associates has been advising New Yorkers about the legal and financial challenges of aging for more than 30 years. The firm's accomplished attorneys exclusively focus in the areas of elder law, estate planning, Medicaid eligibility & applications, wills & trusts, planning for Special Needs Individuals, probate, guardianships, Veteran's planning and planning for blended-families and same-sex couples. Ronald Fatoullah has b...